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    PBS - Miles Davis, Birth of the cool

    thanks for sharing! I love Miles. Gonna watch!
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    Should i modify bearing edges on Ludwig Three Ply ?

    Value of the drums is important but not primary, sound is. That being said you could probably explore different heads and tunings and arrive at a good compromise result that gives you better attack, without altering the integrity of the drum. What matters is that you are happy with the sound...
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    The Myth of the Deep Bass Drum

    Simon says! But seriously. There's a scientific way to determine the truth of this: The speed of sound is 13500 inches/second. According to Simon, the extra 2" or 4" just takes too much longer. Conclusion: Size matters? Or, maybe if the sound doesn't matter, choose what looks the best, or is...
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    Anyone who plays the piano?

    One of the other main reasons is to provide room for the Bass player to (generally) play the root of the chord in the bass. To expand on the "I took lessons when I was 6", this has held me in stead while 1st taking drum lessons, playing in jr high and high school band, and playing in band in...
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    Gretsch SSB snare find.

    Great find! All you need is the gretsch die-cast top hoop, t-rods, and the right head. Otherwise a judicious cleaning and polishing of the surface gunk oughta get you in playable shape! From the pictures the top bearing edge looks good to go! Snare mechanisms all appear present and waiting resto.
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    70’s Niles Bop Kit

    What are you paying for if you buy it? probably 40% will be the Chicago Music Exchange name. That being said, it is a decision you can make and can afford, there will be different opinions based on how precious that amount of money is to you.
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    OT - Rolling Stones Summer Stadium Tour

    You lost me at the "last good album in 1976." Some of my favorite stones is just after '76 with Woody in there! Emotional Rescue, etc.. But as I said earlier this was heavy with original funky/dance bass and drums riffs and they are less than they were with Bill Wyman! I'm a huge Darryl Jones...
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    I think I narrowed it down to 1987

    If the stamp is 87 it could definitely be the date based on the fact they had era-correct modular mounting hardware and larger Keystone badges. Not sure if there is a serial dating system somewhere, but generally a ballpark within a year or three is good enough. So the stamp inside may be a date.
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    Gretsch snare question

    It goes without saying that a snare drum is going to sound different amongst the musical environment it's being played in. BTW I had strings with the Ludwig wire, the wire was the 60s acrolyte type with the clear-ish epoxy ends.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    The Flaming lips grabbed that idea and ran with it. According to their bio-flick Fearless Freaks, Gibby said they stole everything.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    I may have shared Laurie Anderson on the "what are you listening to" thread, but actually did not mention her under this topic. I sorta enjoy arty stuff and don't categorize it as weird at all. Now, she's fairly unique that she often speaks her lyrics, so she's an artist-poet-musician. But where...
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    Jon Christensen

    I adore this. He was making choices and letting the space happen. amazing. The dropped stick thing blew my mind. Intention is everything.
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    I have heard them!
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    Favorite weird or comical band.

    My faves are Zappa, Buckethead, Devo, Godley/Creme, and the Residents, based on how much of their music I listen to or have listened to. Honestly haven't listened to as much Primus as I'd think I would dig. That sucks. I really love the Lennon Claypool Delirium Project.
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    K Istanbul stamp...intermediate or new ???

    Intermediate has a smaller star.
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    What Ride is Shelly Manne Using?

    It looks like a 30s Avedis to me.
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    Gifted Drummer?

    Her teacher should be teaching her to read, rudiments and yes, listening to various styles, jazz, etc. School of rock may be good for playing with others. She should try to enroll in a band class in school. You may even want to explore what performing arts high schools there are. Is she still...
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    1970's Ludwig drum question

    Most people prefer the clear-interior 3ply with re-rings. The 6 ply shells came later. They're still good though. Most of the 6 ply shells feature the rounded blue/olive badge.
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    What Ride is Shelly Manne Using?

    Rivets appear a different distance from the edge.
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    Favorite cowbell?

    LP makes great cowbells.