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  1. Iristone

    Remo international dealer peculiarity

    Apparently when I buy new Remo heads in China they somehow must go through the EU dealers? :scratch:
  2. Iristone

    ITT: Awful Sounding Drums that Make the Song

    If "bad" means "short sustain", what about some Abbey Road? JK. Some early Who, Cream, etc., etc. have incredibly narrow-banded and distorted drum sounds. Listen to Substitute, My Generation etc. and frankly the drums sound like a mush. Incredible how Keith managed to tune and play through THAT.
  3. Iristone

    Creative Tom Positioning Competition "Official" Thread

    5 pages and no this guy?
  4. Iristone

    What’s your favorite stick?

    VF SD4 Maple, VF SKM Keith Moon signature. I wish Zildjians would come in those sizes, these are the best woods I've used. :blackeye:
  5. Iristone

    Ludwig Centennials and Signets

    I think so. Dealers in mainland China are no longer carrying Centennials, but they still had Signets by the end of '17 or 18, I can't remember.
  6. Iristone

    Remo head reformulation?

    On second thought maybe that's something to do with the stiffness of those newer, un-broken-in coatings. I can only guess now, but I'll probably invent in some more. At least it's getting better!
  7. Iristone

    Remo head reformulation?

    Sorry for my verbose postings today, but I've noticed another interesting phenomenon. I've bought a new Remo coated Ambassador head. I think it's the best coated Remo I've had ever! The coating is thick matte white, similar to a Vintage Ambassador I bought last year (I used to believe the VAs...
  8. Iristone

    Ludwig Centennials and Signets

    Can't believe they are still in stock and being sold at dealers after 5 years of being officially discontinued. I've heard rumours that they are still secretly being made at the Ludwig plant! Any caveats? I'm eyeing on a Centennial Zep set in silver sparkle, but may not really pull the trigger.
  9. Iristone

    Favorite cowbell?

    I've a no-name timbale cowbell that just has a nice resonance. I've heard samples of some Meinl black steel cowbells and these sound good too. I feel it's okay as long as it's not an LP RRR.
  10. Iristone

    Interesting Slingerland set

    If only they'd do international shipping... :crybaby:
  11. Iristone

    Any of you have a one-trip kit?

    What about electronic? Doesn't even need a cart. :wink: Seriously, I think my Ludwig kit can be one trip too. Maybe not if I'm to add the Rogers concert toms of ny dreams.
  12. Iristone

    8-lug die-cast hoop reduce to 4-lug over time?

    I remembered new hoops tuned up pretty well, but then I thought I could tune up fine with the old hoops too and switched back... shouldn't have. :silent: I've not yet checked the edges strictly but they look fine from the outside. Probably explains why it cost me almost $1,000!
  13. Iristone

    Gretsch USA Custom: A Few Questions

    +1 on the new Micro throw-off. I installed it on my RB Gretsch and, it works! No experience with the Lightning throw-offs but the name... what about some Tom throw-offs or Butch throw-offs? :happy11:
  14. Iristone

    Low snare stand that would work to use a 12" or 13" power tom as a floor tom?

    I think some people that uses a marching snare as a (talk about PHAT) main snare might chime in. Otherwise the 40s style cradle/basket stand might work? I suppose you might also be able to use a multi-clamp and attach the snare basket horizontally to the tripod base.
  15. Iristone

    Piece of equipment that's stuck with you

    Technically I've never sold my acoustic kit, e-kit, any snare, but my Ludwig Legacy, I'll probably keep it till I die! Then I'll probably give it to my most trusted/promising drummer friend I'll've known by then (that's if they still play drums in say 2090 heh). :wink: Oops, just remembered, I...
  16. Iristone

    8-lug die-cast hoop reduce to 4-lug over time?

    By holding down the hoop with only the 4 tight lugs for a day, it sort of became better. Also works with the detune-one-lug-by-1/4-turn technique pretty well.
  17. Iristone

    Ludwig Tambourines

    Were they 3-ply? Does it affect their sound when played on the head?
  18. Iristone

    Gretsch snare question

    Gonna start something? :hiding:
  19. Iristone

    Value of Downbeat snare

    Is the throw-off completely beat up or still working? All I see in the 2020 market, full working ones seem to command top, top dollars. :scratch:
  20. Iristone

    Mismatched kits can be cool

    Guess I should've clarified my Rototoms aren't Ludwigs. They are CB-700s. Yeah, they still make them! :blackeye: