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    Rush Tribute Touring Amphitheaters

    I’m not a huge rush fan, so don’t know how seriously y’all will take this. But I did see that tour where Les Claypool’s FFB covered Pink Floyd Animals and it was fantastic.
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    Tackle Instrument Supply Cymbal Bag & Snare Bag

    How heavy is the cymbal bag itself relative to a protection racket or the like? I have a leather bag, but never take it out because it’s so heavy, last thing I need is more weight. Thanks!
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    My Yamaha Crosstowns - Review

    And thanks to OP for the detailed review, lots of good info in there I hadn’t thought of.
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    My Yamaha Crosstowns - Review

    To be clear, I have no actual experience with these new Yamaha stands or them getting squeezed out of round. This was a feature on the old Gibraltar AX hardware. I had an aluminum axis hi hat stand at one point. I managed to scratch the heck out of it (pre jeans trick) and broke just about every...
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    My Yamaha Crosstowns - Review

    I suffered through many years of using the old Gibraltar AX aluminum hardware before the modern lightweight hardware came out. I used to scour ebay for random bits. I learned from these how easy aluminum scratches, and even worse, can get dented out of round pretty easily, making it extra...
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    New member erroring when signing in?

    Thanks Ben, I’ll pm you since it’s his email, he may not want that publicly posted (maybe that’s the issue?)
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    New member erroring when signing in?

    I have a friend who has tried signing up, but is getting errors when he tries to login from multiple devices. Can anyone help out? thanks
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    Elton at the Oscars

    JDG, Elton’s drummer in this recent clip, Aaron Redfield, will be playing up the road from you in Santa Cruz at Moes Alley on 2/26 with the Greyboy Allstars. No idea what drums he’ll be playing, but they’re a great band, come check them out, would be fun to meet, I’ll buy you a beer.
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    Eminem Oscars 2020

    Just made the connection that Aaron Redfield is the drummer with the Greyboy Allstars, will be seeing them at my local club in 2 weeks. Great band.
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    Lightweight thrones

    Anyone with experience with the new Rogers throne? They look pretty light weight. I currently gig/travel with an old Canopus aluminum base and sound seat top. Not light, but lighter, and still quite comfortable. It takes up a lot of room in the bag though
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    SOLD Noble & Cooley Horizon in Black Maple Burst !

    Thanks for info, not surprised. That other kit is pretty sweet too I’ve got a cd maple kit I’ve been playing for 20 years so just day dreaming. This one got me second guessing...
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    SOLD Noble & Cooley Horizon in Black Maple Burst !

    Bumping this up, I’ve been lusting over this kit for the last few days. Looks like it sold on the website, anybody around here pick it up?
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    those crazy cats from A&F are at it again

    Very cool Carlos, thanks for sharing
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    those crazy cats from A&F are at it again

    That’s a beauty, so you were talking vintage. What size is that bass drum? Did you refinish to match, or just get lucky, or look a long time... My 16” x 12” marcher looks very similar, is a great little drum, and was also pretty cheap.
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    those crazy cats from A&F are at it again

    Carlos, please elaborate, and this is a genuine question - how would you go about building your version of a field kit for that price? I’ve spent years building up a nice matching set of vintage cymbals, buying, selling, trying different combinations. For some reason I still check ebay/reverb...
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    Zildjian K Cluster Crashes?

    I tell you what Mark, if you get an 18” I’ll buy the pair from you when you move on in a few months :) I’m happy to help you pick out my future cymbal too...
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    those crazy cats from A&F are at it again

    I’ll chime in, just cause for some reason I read this whole thread. I like what they are doing and would love a field kit. I’ve been deep in a Levon phase these last few years, and appreciate that they’ve gone all the way with it - rather than manyother companies approach of using the same...
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    Building a Drum Room Questions

    Like many have said, isolation room within a room is really the only way to get this done. I have recently finished up a project in my backyard, also used some fancy materials like mass loaded vinyl in both sets of walls. It certainly helps, but is expensive, and I think you get a lot more bang...
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    In my (limited) experience, it only works if both drummers are deliberately playing to complement each other. You can’t just play what you normally would and expect it to work. Years ago when I was first coming up I got pulled into a one off band with some guys I looked up to for a house...
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    I was asked...why are cymbals round?

    There’s so much nonsense in this thread, I’m probably going to regret getting involved. My 2 cents on original question - exactly what Matt said, some combination of economics, practicality and just good old fashioned this is how it’s always been done. There’s is absolutely nothing in the...