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    Ludwig Coliseum experts

    I like mine...
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    Powder Coating Hardware

    Yes, there is a translucent black. I think its called smoke... or candy
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    OT: Sons Of Apollo - MMXX

    I was there as well. They were really good. They are certainly having fun and getting along well...
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    Biggest kit you have ever owned?

    All of my kits are big....
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    Slingerland zoomatic throw replacement

    Yep, adapter plates are not hard to make...
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    The POWER of wood

    I use Canon's leather impact pads with my Square wood beaters....
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    SOLD.....B\O Ludwig Super Sens Snare For Sale

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    Looking for Hardshell Case Recommendations

    H&B uses a fabric liner over the foam now that they claim will not rip. I also subscribe to the colored case theory. It is certainly harder to walk off with a bright colored case than it is a black one... easier to keep track of as well... I was the first customer in the world to buy the Ocean...
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    Acrylic Drums, Love 'Em or Not

    I have found that acrylic drums are very susceptible to or reflective of the heads on them. The shells have very little effect on the sound compared to the head choice....
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    SOLD.....B\O Ludwig Super Sens Snare For Sale

    You guys are going to make me clean this aren't ya....
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    SOLD.....B\O Ludwig Super Sens Snare For Sale

    $175 + shipping....
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    Looking for Hardshell Case Recommendations

    I am an H&B guy...
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    The Big Roundhouse Fill--recorded examples?

    Gil Moore played this fill lots of times. "Magic Power" "Somebody's Out There" "Lay It On The Line", etc
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    SOLD. Tama vintage mastercraft seamless steel 6.5 x 14 snare

    Great drum for a great price! Good Luck...
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    The End Begins for Illinois’ Skins n’ Tins Drum Shop After 30 Years

    I think Terry is the only retailer to have a booth at every single Chicago Drum Show....
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    Bass Drum Mic Mount

    I have May mics in my kicks....
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    Possible new Appraisal/Price-check sub forum or post-it thread?

    I would talk to an insurance company and see what they recommend. The higher your value the more $$ they make for the policy...
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    Blanking Plate for 22" kickdrum?

    Relatively easy, take the pattern to a machine shop with a hi res pic of the logo... I'd offer to do it for you if my cnc could cut metal....
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    Running A Drum Sale.

    When Nacci gets the list up here, I may help sponsor your trip... ;-)