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    Wanted: Ludwig 14x14 BDP wrap white interior Keystone badge 65-66

    Looking for the hard to find 14x14 Ludwig BDP .... Thanks, Richard
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    Drummers With Multiple Kits: Ever an Issue With Family / Friends?

    great Insight about the internet accelerating acquisitions. I really got the collecting bug 10 years ago, and at peak had 18 kits, mostly WMP, and 45 snares, many WMP. Then about two years ago I saw downsizing and aging coming and knew I had to start selling. Wish I had thought about that while...
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    Ever Buy a Kit And Was Just "Not Yours"?

    Guess we've all been there. Heading into the downsizing stage of life, selling off kits, I thought to buy the Gretsch mini-bop kit - small footprint, cool finish, Gretsch is classic, and all. Did not work for me at all. Drums just too small when I sat behind it. Sold it. I then bought a great...
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    Two Toms or One Tom Up

    I find I play differently with 2 toms up, makes me go them more, more down-the-row fills....went back to one up one down, I play better. Remember Ringo saying when he got the maple Hollywood kit it was “Tom Tom madness”? he said it accounts for his different sound on white album and abbey Road.
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    Bands With More Than One Drummer

    Ringo and Jim Keltner the concert for Bangladesh 1971, on the video they are having a great time together.
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    Wanted: Ludwig BDP 14x14 Keystone badge c. 1965-67

    Downsizing my way back to keeping only one kit -- that I just got thru Steve Maxwell (thanks Steve!) : identical to my first long-gone 1966 Ludwigs - BDP wrap 20x14, 8x12, 16x16 + matching jazz fest snare Would love to get a matching Ludwig BDP 14x14 Keystone badge c. 1965-67 white interior to...
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    RIP Ginger Baker

    I remember an interview with Ginger around 1968, the interviewer asked something about the size of his kit, Ginger said ""It's a big kit, yeah, but I can play 'em." He surely did. Feel lucky to have seen him with Blind Faith at MSG in 69 and in New Hope PA Oct 2013 with "GB's Jazz Confusion."...
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    Looking for mid 60s Ludwig keystone 14x14 black diamond pearl

    Looking for mid 60s Ludwig keystone 14x14 black diamond pearl in good or vgc. Could be different finish I can get recovered but prefer bdp wrap Thanks