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  1. J

    Fillmore East Show Schedule

    Check these line ups out - was at a few.
  2. J

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    Corder - especially if Jasper.
  3. J

    Drum Rugs (IKEA)

    I goof on my fellow band mates and tell them the rug is tuned for the drum set - makes them sound better.
  4. J

    Any of you have a one-trip kit?

    These carts look great - but I seem to encounter stairs all the time.
  5. J

    Russ and Lee

    Pretty cool interview.
  6. J

    Rodney Holmes

    I remember seeing him with Santana on the Grammies when Santana won all the awards for " Smooth". The next week I was at the 55 bar in NYC to see Mike Stern. 55 Bar is like a shot and beer joint - pretty funky. It was close to showtime and the drummer finally shows up - it was Rodney dragging...
  7. J

    Official introduction and my touring gig

    Fantastic - Marcia's great - saw her several times - will be on the lookout for tour dates near here.
  8. J

    Old Guy G.A.S. Rx - Abs Hybrid Maple

    Had a bit of a GI tract scare but looks like all is good. A bit of a wake up call on priorities. With that being said I also may self medicate once in a while. So taken together my immediate response is I need a new drum set! And I need to get it right now. As I said - priorities. Something new...
  9. J

    Your Drum Room

    My happy place
  10. J

    Buddy/ Cavett post got me to research Bobby Rosengarden

    Nice - I remember him and GradyTate too when the Tonight show was in NYC. You'd stay up to watch the late night shows just to get a glimpse of these guys. Made it so much sweeter when the bands had a feature. No Youtube lol!!
  11. J

    Peter Erskine and Diana Krall

    Total class all the way.
  12. J

    Ludwig Classic Maple Snare Bed

    Nice demo!
  13. J

    Tom and Jerry splash cymbal tone

    I'd love to see the chart for that. These musicians are unbelieveable!
  14. J

    Can’t get comfy with virgin bass drum?

    Me neither - bass drum mount for me.
  15. J

    So what is the typical length of your gig?

    3 sets are one too many for me lol...
  16. J

    Your forever drum kit and why.

    I still have a Corder set I bought new in 89 from Corder direct. They seem to sound better with age.
  17. J

    Camco L.A. Help Needed

    You are a class act !! Bravo!
  18. J

    What Are You Listening To?

    Gonna see this ensemble tonight in NYC - love Robby Ameen.
  19. J

    Band Demo Video

    We just did this - trying to drum up some more gigs.
  20. J

    Great interview - Ben Riley

    I've been trying to get my straight ahead playing together. With the streaming services it's easy to make playlists of favorite players to study. Here's an interview with the great Ben Riley discussing his career and recordings. Love these interviews with the masters. His comments on his...