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  1. Ptrick

    Pearl FF - "How deep is your drum?"

    It is 1.25”, I have several “stock” pearl shells and have had many shells made for the chassis.
  2. Ptrick

    SCDR videos (For TK)

    Two videos Lane just posted on YouTube with multiple SCDR’s and a 602 dark.
  3. Ptrick

    What’s your favorite stick?

    I’ve used Ahead sticks, the light rock 5B’s live for everything other than jazz for probably 20 years. I like the shock absorption, and they last forever. And I have never broken a cymbal (always the comment that comes out about them).
  4. Ptrick

    A 23 (yes a 23!) Flanged Trans Stamp

    That sounds great! Whole orchestra in that thing
  5. Ptrick

    Anyone tried the Istanbul Agop Lenny White Epoch hats?

    I’ve played on them a fair number of times. They are kinda ‘zingy’, semi-dark, and fast sounding. Similar characteristics to the ride, but not as trashy.
  6. Ptrick

    Apparently I can't tune drums

    I use both. Drumdial to get it “in the zone” (especially with a new head), then fine tune with the tunebot.
  7. Ptrick

    I hate micro kits.

    I had a weekly jazz gig where the owner was notorious for complaining about how loud the band was. So whenever he was around, the closer to the band he was, the quieter we played...sometimes just barely audible. Always got a nod and thumbs up. Then he’d go into his office and we’d resume...
  8. Ptrick

    24 Agop Joey Waronker—how much would you pay?

    I’ve had and sold a couple. $300-400, $350 being the sweet spot.
  9. Ptrick

    A 23 (yes a 23!) Flanged Trans Stamp

    Any chance for sounds?
  10. Ptrick

    My 22" pAiste SCDR

    It was a brave move to sell everything off. I have my “top tier” snares and cymbals that make it to most gigs, then my “for my own pleasure “ at home cymbals. My preference changes with the weather, so I only sell stuff that’s not getting touched either at the gig or at home.
  11. Ptrick

    Frizzle Fry-day Five Fer

    Just got my tickets.
  12. Ptrick

    Some pics of the first Spun-Basalt drum kit

    Can’t wait to hear it!
  13. Ptrick

    Q Drums!

    Jeff Friedl from A Perfect Circle played them for a long time. I think he’s with Ludwig now. But there are a few good live concerts on YouTube where you can hear the Q drums, including this one:
  14. Ptrick

    Biggest kit you have ever owned?

    This is not actually one kit, but everything I could fit together just for fun one day. Never gigged it. First kit I owned was double bass, 4 rack toms, two floors. The Lars Ulrich setup from the 90’s.
  15. Ptrick

    For you Gear Geeks... What’s Your "GUILTY PLEASURE" Piece of Gear?

    Love that thing! Inspired my guilty pleasure
  16. Ptrick

    Favorite cowbell?

    LP Mambo...which is the same cowbell as the Steve Gadd model, with a different mount.
  17. Ptrick

    Yamaha seamless copper 6.5x14 snare MIJ with pics!

    Great snares! Used one last night that I patina’d myself. Someone will be stoked with your drum!
  18. Ptrick

    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    Jazz gig last night at a performance arts center. The 18/12/14 Thumper nesting kit with a self patina’d 90’s seamless copper Yamaha 14x6.5 snare, Meinl dual hats 15”, 23” Matt Chamberlain Agop ride, 19” Agop signature crash, 12” Agop trash hit.
  19. Ptrick

    The Time had come to sell them all

    I’m interested in the Rough ride.