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  1. funkypoodle

    So, how different are they?

    I'm running a 16" eMad bass drum head on a floor tom (bass drum with FT hoops) because it was all I could get in the time frame I had. It's not ideal for the reasons JDA stated. With very careful centering it works all right, but I will definitely replace it when I can & wouldn't particularly...
  2. funkypoodle

    Tackle Instrument Supply Cymbal Bag & Snare Bag

    The guy who makes these played a festival I was doing backline for. Nice person that makes cool stuff!
  3. funkypoodle

    70's Ludwig curverd spurs

    Could you put something like Pearl Isolation feet on there to raise it a bit?
  4. funkypoodle

    Should i modify bearing edges on Ludwig Three Ply ?

    I'd have my guitarists neutered first. Or maybe offer them some 5 watt amps for their B-days. Seriously though, I'm always a little floored when I hear these stories. I own 2 3-ply Super Classics & can't imagine them not cutting it volume-wise.
  5. funkypoodle

    ITT: Awful Sounding Drums that Make the Song

    I'm a huge Reggae fan, especially classic Roots Reggae from the early 70's to the early 80's. A lot of these tracks have crazy drum fill intros that always amaze me even though they're mostly being played on the most used, abused & taped up drums known to man. To be fair, it's a miracle drums...
  6. funkypoodle

    Unexpected favorite

    I picked a lot of blue sparkle Ludwig orphans last fall, well, just because they were like abandoned puppies. I made this "bop" kit out of 3 of 'em and sold the 13". They've had more stage time than either of my Super Classic or my Rogers kit in the last few months. They're convenient & a blast...
  7. funkypoodle

    BeBop band at a general festival with house drums - how do you handle it?

    I've done big festivals that have enough patch & risers to set up the next kit while a band is playing. Roll one off, roll one on, line check & go. One company in particular, based out of Calgary, does (or did) sound for the Winnipeg Folk Fest. There were 15 minute change-overs, including...
  8. funkypoodle

    Banner Mij drums

    Another Star indicator is the wrap. "Black Agathe Pearl", which looks much like Rogers' Black Onyx (& whatever Slingerland called it) is in the 1967 Star catalogue & isn't in Pearl catalogues of the same era.
  9. funkypoodle

    Banner Mij drums

    Yes, this is true. The OP was looking to understand which company made them, as Star, Pearl & Hoshino were all in this game. The Pearl stencils are essentially the same as other Pearl stencils, Star stencils are essentially the same as other Star stencils, Hoshino....well you get the point. They...
  10. funkypoodle

    Banner Mij drums

    Yup! Pretty sure these are Star-made. Stewart was one of the only stencil names used by both Pearl & Star & if you go to the badge section of VDG you can see both badge types and clearly see that the Star-made Stewart badge is identical to yours, with the exception of Banner instead of Stewart.
  11. funkypoodle

    Vintage Gretsch: Please help a lost soul

    I've got some black Rogers with different shell types from different series I could sell you :icon_e_biggrin:
  12. funkypoodle

    I hate micro kits.

    Exactly!! But let us keep this to ourselves.
  13. funkypoodle

    WHY.......Drilled holes on my new 2019 Ludwig snare drum.

    You beat me to the punch, Benny. You were told right. That's exactly what the hole are for.
  14. funkypoodle

    BeBop band at a general festival with house drums - how do you handle it?

    I think the biggest hurdle in this situation is the threshold setting on the gate that will almost certainly be on the kick drum channel, not actual backline gear. When it's set for loud environments (the other Pop/Rock bands) anything that is at all feathered will simply not be there. When I...
  15. funkypoodle

    New to mixing a multitrack recording but it gets easier...

    Yup, Sub-mixes are your friend! I often run OH/hats into a group processed (with something like Waves JJL cymbals or CLA drums OH settings tweaked a bit) then sent to my drum buss. KIck/snare are processed (EQ,compression, gate if needed) on their respective channels and sent to same drum buss...
  16. funkypoodle

    5x15 1920's Nickel-over-brass Ludwig Universal SOLD

    Thanks Mr. Wulf! The hats are classic New Beats, nothing fancy, but I always come back to these.
  17. funkypoodle

    Bass Drum Mic Mount

    This is what I rigged up for the bop kit, but I have rims on the 16x12. It's parts from 2 Gibraltor clip on thingies, one for cymbals and the other for mics. I needed the clip part with 2 adjustable angles. It'd be pretty easy to do the sme but with a clip that would hold on BD hoops.
  18. funkypoodle

    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    There are also non FF CB700 deep COS snares that sound really good and have all the "tweakability" of a Super Sensitive. One of my students picked one up lat year and brought it to me to tune. I could have tuned it for ages and come up with a bunch of cool tunings, so we settled on one.
  19. funkypoodle

    Does anyone still like the '90s rock snare sound?

    I hear sloppy, low tuned hipster snares everywhere. Sometimes they work great in context, but most of the time it just sounds like hipster with low tuned snares and a penchant for gaffer tape. In the 90's I was listening to Medeski, Martin & Wood & wondering why all the dudes who previously...
  20. funkypoodle

    I hate micro kits.

    THat's exactly how I play mine! Chicks dig it!