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    Max Roach wide Open

    Yes, Steven, exactly. That was just the normal way. Some in internet-land may find it "big news" that giants walking among us tune their drums up high right now. Louis Hayes, Roy Haynes, et al.
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    Dire Straits - 1979

    I saw them in the country outside Detroit (Pine Knob) in the era (1980?) of their double live album. Their "hits" (ALL of them) put me off. I was only a bit into them before the concert, but they were devastatingly good. They played all this ethereal, long-form music, and it really got me. It...
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    ITT: Awful Sounding Drums that Make the Song

    Great topic that can really make you think, which may be quite helpful to those of us who record, as we set about to begin work on that next million seller, er, million YouTube view-er. I'll throw these in: the Excello Slim Harpo/Lazy Lester records. It's kind of like BennyK's observation above...
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    PBS - Miles Davis, Birth of the cool

    This is what they call a movie, and I saw it in the theater when it came out. I think it's been discussed previously on the Forum. It's very well done and is "warts and all," which I applaud. Definitely not something Disney et al. would ever put out. It's quite the history lesson, as it shows...
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    Gretsch SSB snare find.

    You might try Explorer's, a long-time Gretsch dealer, for parts.
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    Maxwell's ?

    Did you order direct from Maxwell?
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    Vintage Gretsch: Please help a lost soul

    Yes, he hit it right on the head!
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    Walberg & Auge Orphan Tom

    Wow! Just beautiful! You honor the memory of your cousin with the great care you give to that drum. It is a pleasure to see.
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    Dennis Davis with David Bowie

    Great, indeed! Smokin'! And very sweet that Visconti is talking about the track to the late Mr. Davis's kid.
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    Ludwig Breakbeats (Azure Blue)

    Yes, a GREAT deal, as these stout little wonders filter down to the used market. Fine, portable, playable drums, and at that price... how are these still around?
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    Creative Tom Positioning Competition "Official" Thread

    You can't. This is the genius of man.
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    Tambourine isnt exactly a drum but it is percussion

    Yes, indeed. I have seen Steve Smith, on a Sonor top-line micro kit, absolutely jamming out with an Indian fellow playing nothing more than one of those small tambourines. No other instruments on stage!
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    Tambourine isnt exactly a drum but it is percussion

    With my singer/songwriters I often will play the tambourine with my hands, or with my right hand, hitting my right leg with it, while I play usual right foot/BD, left foot. I saw Jim Christie do this sort of thing with Lucinda Williams. Some Brazilian cats do it, too.
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    Tambourine isnt exactly a drum but it is percussion

    Right on to the late (and great) Mr. Roady. He knew what was up!
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    Tambourine isnt exactly a drum but it is percussion

    Except on Sunday in the Baptist Church, they oftentimes play the tambourine quite well!
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    Tambourine isnt exactly a drum but it is percussion

    Yes, the tambourine's cousin. A deadly serious instrument that is, I'd say, foundational to Brazilian music.
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    Ludwig 1971 3 Ply Clear Interior Blue/Olive Badge Drum Set Sky Blue Pearl

    Exactly! As I mentioned earlier. And LED's are worse. Beautiful drums.
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    What are some “sleeper” great vintage drums?

    Those are sublime!
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    Early 60's lot of Sparkling Green Pearl Rogers Drums including Dynasonic & Powertone

    Just perfect for "the wearin' 'o the green" - those St. Patrick's gigs a-comin'!