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  1. backtodrum

    Anyone owns an Hollywood Meazzi kit? Post a picture!

    Tome mount looks like a piece of bent electrical conduit! lol! The rest of the kit is cool!
  2. backtodrum

    Concert toms

    I will never go back, even though in the day (late 70s) I owned a Ludwig Quadra Plus in opaque Vista Lite Black. Those drums were cool to look at a loud as heck but not my thing anymore!
  3. backtodrum

    The "Ideal" Crash Cymbal Size?

    My crashes are 16 17 and 18 inch A customs. They sound good and get out of the way quickly. Our sound man and other sound guys that have mixed our band love them. We play classic rock and country primarily.
  4. backtodrum

    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    Lol! I have had a good laugh at some of these stories...
  5. backtodrum

    Gig nightmare!!! Submit yours here...

    This one made me laugh! you had to have preictally smothered in that wet suit!
  6. backtodrum

    What are you doing with your gear when you die?

    I have two boys who play drums that have already laid claim to my kits that they want. Any of my PA equipment etc. will go to the current band I'm in when I decide I'm finished. I'm winding down now and when I'm finished playing in the band I'm in now, I likely will decide i'm done. I can't see...
  7. backtodrum

    OT Favorite Jack Nicholson Movies

    Going South
  8. backtodrum

    Yard Sale Finds?

    That was unbelievable gold there, more like platinum!
  9. backtodrum

    Are pub/bar gigs back yet in your area ?

    We are all booked up for the rest of the year pretty much! People seem so hungry for places to go that our phone has rang everyday looking to book us for something! It feels good to have gigs to look forward too.
  10. backtodrum

    Drum risers?

    I agree! I have enough to carry as it is...
  11. backtodrum

    How Would YOU Customize a Craviotto Kit?

    Put a wrap on It! :evil4:
  12. backtodrum

    DW Collector’s Exotic kit

    beautiful kit! Great price as well.
  13. backtodrum

    Under the radar, "sort of," drummers and percussionists

    I agree with you about Bruce Gary, very good drummer that is overlooked!
  14. backtodrum

    How did they ever tune this snare head

    Wow! lol!
  15. backtodrum

    Owner of Rupp's Drums personal collection stolen from storage unit.

    Wow, how did anyone know they were in there to target his storage unit. I don't know any of the information surrounding the case but it doesn't pass the sniff test that's for sure!
  16. backtodrum

    Dent in my Supra

    if you don't feel confident trying to get it out yourself, I would take it to a paintless dent repair auto center and see if their techs you attempt it. They have the proper nylon (soft) hammers and other tools etc. to remove the dent and make it unnoticeable. Just a thought...
  17. backtodrum

    Cajon kits

    That's awesome I'm going to steal that and use it myself!
  18. backtodrum

    LSR on R?

    Left Side Ride (LSR)