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  1. gbow

    Rush Tribute Project

    Yea that video is a bit odd, the sound doesn't start until they start playing. Here's a video link that starts where the sound starts. gabo
  2. gbow

    Rush Tribute Project

    Saw the Rush Tribute Project last night in Gaylord, MI. It was great to get out and see some live music! These guys were excellent and did a really nice job of covering Rush. Not an easy task. The down sides were that the venue acoustics were terrible and the PA was pretty average as well...
  3. gbow

    Drummers that you like but don't get enough credit ?

    Mark Craney Myron Grombacher And a 2nd to Phil Ehart and Richie Hayward, I saw both of those names already. There are literally thousands, I'm sure many of them on this board that I don't even know about. gabo
  4. gbow

    Today I did an inventory of my late friend's drum gear for his widow...

    Great job Mike, what a great friend you are. I'm sure the whole family appreciates what you're doing. This is why I keep all my drums spread out, haha. I have kits in 3 states, in studios, practice rooms, etc. I've told my wife as far as I'm concerned, the studios and other places I have...
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    Amazing show yesterday! (Opened for Crowder!)

    Looks like fun. Live music! gabo
  6. gbow

    Under the radar, "sort of," drummers and percussionists

    Myron Grombacher Mark Craney
  7. gbow

    What are you doing with your gear when you die?

    I came to this thread to say "pile it all up, put me on top, and burn it all." Only to find that I wasn't the only one with that idea!! Reality is, my wonderful wife will do what she wants with it. gabo
  8. gbow

    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    The Sensitone is excellent. I have a DW Collectors Black Nickel over Brass which can be had for less than $400 and it's also excellent. Check gabo
  9. gbow

    Neil Peart on Keith Moon's 'Dogs Part Two'

    I am a huge Rush and Neil fan, but in my opinion there was no more expressive drummer than Keith. In my opinion, Quadrophenia was the definitive Keith work. It's so underrated among Who fans, but the entire thing is just brilliant and Keith's drumming was incredible throughout. It's one of the...
  10. gbow


    Hey thanks a lot for that. Made my day!! That's always my objective, to play the song, so that comment is most appreciated. We are currently working on a new album, I'll post some tunes when they are available in the "video" section of the board. gabo
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    I hear the Russ Kunkel, nicely done. gabo
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    I have no idea, I just try to hit them in time or at least reasonably in time. Would be more interesting to let all the drummers here listen to some of our playing and tell us what they hear :) I've attached a few of my songs below that I think are representative of my work, let me know who...
  13. gbow

    Voodoo Chile a Polyrhythm?

    For those who use spotify.. voodoo chile - voodoo child (slight return) - This type of thing always reminds me how much more fun drumming was back in those days. I was a self taught drummer, who played with many other drummers and musicians. I learned a lot of little tricks like these and...
  14. gbow

    The top coolest experiences you've had as a drummer?

    Hey Benny, where was your basement studio? We shared a practice room with Pat for a month or so in Orlando, FL maybe around 1984 or so while we were doing some recording at BeeJay in Orlando. Good times! gabo
  15. gbow

    Wide Snare Wires - 30-42 strand

    That's how I got started playing them. Every time I was in the studio I was always dialing in more high end. After changing one snare, I was hooked and now use them on most everything. When I buy a new drum it's usually the first thing I do. Change the wires to either the Super 30s or one of...
  16. gbow

    Wide Snare Wires - 30-42 strand

    Who likes wide snare wires? Puresound makes a 30 strand. Tama makes a 30 and a 42. Gibralter, Canopus, and a few others make a 42 strand. I love these things and have used them for years. Have them on many of my snares. Interestingly, someone posted about snare buzz. In working in studios...
  17. gbow

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    Maybe not unpopular here, but would be elsewhere. Most of the drummers on this forum would be rated in the top 100 drummers ever had they played for one of the top 100 song writers! gabo
  18. gbow

    The top coolest experiences you've had as a drummer?

    In the early 80s, our band did an audition for a bunch of A&R guys. The audition was terrible for many reasons and the consensus from the guys was that they liked the songs but the drummer had to go! They wanted us to record a 3 song demo and set us up in a big studio to do it. Our...
  19. gbow

    RIP Roger Hawkins

    Thanks Frank. I'm sure I ran across most or all of them back in the day, but it's been a long road since then. And a good one at that! gabo
  20. gbow

    RIP Roger Hawkins

    Hey Frank, do you know all the people in this photo? I've seen this photo a number of times, but there are a few people in there I don't recognize. Of course Jimmy, Barry, Roger, and David are standing center. But I don't know the girl kneeling, or the guy to the left of the girl or the far...