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  1. wpmoorej

    Gilbralter Clamps for a rack

    I have 5 and no rack or things to mount anywhere. Good problem to have, but if you need a clamp, or for shipping and donate to a no kill shelter. Peace out asshat
  2. wpmoorej

    Istanbul Mel Lewis 14" Hats (Hi Hat Click Together Cymbals)

    These cymbals click together and make a nice sound. Or you can set them up individually on top of your drumheads to sound like a tin can remix. 14" standard Istanbul Click Together Cymbals w receipt from sale a few months ago. Will trade for project kit/drum/drums of some sort. Will deliver...
  3. wpmoorej

    JM 18/14/10/14(s)

    *Not me playing, but the exact drums available*** I am not a professional drummer. I need a MIJ stencil kit, not this. Will sell/trade for $1600 + a Cheap 4/5 pc. kit, $1850 and a red sparkle BD, or sell for $2,000 outright..shipped. Original tom mount and Atlas Mt included. Wires changed...
  4. wpmoorej

    22" sabian manhattan jazz ride for a 602 or two

    Title says it all. If you missed it though...I have a 22" Manhattan Jazz ride in great shape. HHX with stickmarks and no keyholing or dings/edge issues Open to offers on vintage 602's, spizz (don't hate me), TRX, and complex cymbals. I have cash to throw in for re-issue 602's/ ME. Can also...
  5. wpmoorej

    Sabian 22" Manhattan Jazz Ride for 602/ TRX rides / crashes/ hats

    looking to trade my 22" sabian hhx manhattan jazz ride in nice shape. Looking for Paiste 602's or TRX rides. Will consider snare drums or project kits. Thanks!
  6. wpmoorej

    6 piece Pearl MMX

    22x18, 8,10 pwer toms, 12x10, 14x12, 16x14 Solid Purple Lacquer, not purple fade. Can include Gibraltar rack. Will trade for vintage kits and possibly new kits with 18-20 BD and 10, 12 or 13 ride tom, 14 or 16 (match w 12 ride only) floor. FT must have legs. Ill will consider ALL offers...
  7. wpmoorej

    Sabian/Zildjian, Roto Tom, Remote HH Stand

    Open to offers. Esp looking for rides , light crashes (18"+) , floor tom cradle, snares, No issues with cymbals. Can text detailed pics if you ask. 15" AA Medium Crash DW5000 Remote HH Stand (Poor Condition) Older Set (3) CB Roto Toms 21" AAX Stage Ride 10" AAX Splash 13" AA...
  8. wpmoorej

    15" Paiste Giant Beat Hats

    Great Shape, Open to offers for rides and other hi hat pairs. Not sure about weights
  9. wpmoorej

    SOLD: Pearl Demon Drive Single Chain Driven

    Excellent condition with key and case in excellent shape. 2 years old, bought new. $120 shipped : Retails for like $240- Can ship tomorrow 12/20 and 12/21
  10. wpmoorej

    Gretsch Round Badge progressive jazz purchase help

    Hi, Probably going to purchase this kit tomorrow for $1200, unless someone has some info that might deter me from making the purchase. Seems like a good deal. Also wondering if the 3 holes in bass drum are from a Pratt style muffling system. Thanks...
  11. wpmoorej

    Pieces to complete kit for friend's children -

    I gave this kit to a buddy because one of his 3 children is getting ready to sign up for band, and wants to play the coolest instrument around (the bell kit and practice pad!!) He wants to give his little guys a kit and lessons for a...
  12. wpmoorej

    Wise words

    I like vintage gear. I have never touched an old K. My friend was speaking with a great drummer today and I told my buddy to ask him if he had any old K's. I was expecting a yes or no response, with the hopes of a yes (possibly followed by some brief thoughts on vintage gear). The response...
  13. wpmoorej

    Gretsch/Ludwig downbeat 3ply snare Any thoughts on how legitimate this may be? Looks like a solid snare anyway.
  14. wpmoorej

    Another Red white blue Camco, or DW?

    red white and blue camco's, or DW toms? Anyway, cool pics either way. Thanks
  15. wpmoorej

    SOLD WFL Speed King Hi Hat Stand SOLD

    Stand with clutch, in working condition. Chrome is pretty darn clean, only one foot has a piece of rubber. $55 shipped
  16. wpmoorej

    SOLD Old Zildjian A Hats 759g/815g SOLD

    Hi, These are a solid pair of 14" hi hats. 759g top and 815g bottom. $150 shipped.
  17. wpmoorej

    SOLD Gretsch floor Tom 16x16 round badge SOLD $190 shipped eh? Will trade for a Paiste 20" 602 ride -Sold, thanks everyone Also have some other items listed, if you wanted to make any offers.
  18. wpmoorej

    SOLD Zildjian medium crash SOLD

    Edges excellent. Like new condition. $110 shipped sold for $105 plus $12 shipping on ebay. Thanks!
  19. wpmoorej

    Pan American Snare

    Hi Everyone, I am listing this snare that was briefly discussed in the following thread.... I am not going to be able to tackle this project, and would like it to go to someone who will make it right. Any questions, please...
  20. wpmoorej

    Zildjian identification

    15" cymbal with 1.5" tall zildjian stamp. Having trouble dating this. It has the three dots, but doesn't match up with any cymbals on (it is missing the dots and squiggly lines under the three dot area). Is there a more...