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  1. gbow

    Rush Tribute Project

    Saw the Rush Tribute Project last night in Gaylord, MI. It was great to get out and see some live music! These guys were excellent and did a really nice job of covering Rush. Not an easy task. The down sides were that the venue acoustics were terrible and the PA was pretty average as well...
  2. gbow

    Wide Snare Wires - 30-42 strand

    Who likes wide snare wires? Puresound makes a 30 strand. Tama makes a 30 and a 42. Gibralter, Canopus, and a few others make a 42 strand. I love these things and have used them for years. Have them on many of my snares. Interestingly, someone posted about snare buzz. In working in studios...
  3. gbow

    Rupert Neve Passes at 94 I don't really consider this OT, while not a drummer, his gear recorded just about all of the top drummers in history, so certainly relevant to the drumming community. He is a legend and knew as much about audio gear...
  4. gbow

    Easy Lover - Drum cover

    Had a friend ask about how to play parts of this song. Specifically he was having trouble with the timing of the intro. So I put together this video. Not really a help for him learning it, but it was fun to put together anyway. I didn't spend the time to learn all the runs, they are all easy...
  5. gbow

    Best double bass drum pedal at any price?

    I think 2021 might be the year I try a new BD pedal set up. So I'm looking for advice on the best available double pedal set up. I live in a remote area and would have to travel quite a distance to test out pedals, plus I find it hard to test a pedal in a store and really learn much. Things I'm...
  6. gbow

    Neil Peart Tribute

    FYI. gabo
  7. gbow

    Quick Test - 2box drumit 5 mkII

  8. gbow

    Trick Pro 1-V or DW Control beater?

    Looking for a new beater, I've always used whatever came with the pedal and have generally used Pearl pedals. But looking for an upgrade. The Trick Pro 1-V beater and the DW control beater look very similar. The DW is about $12 cheaper. Anyone have experience with both of these? Or maybe...
  9. gbow

    *SOLD* Ddrum4 Module for Sale

    Since I haven't used my Ddrum module in a while, I'm putting it up for sale. Asking price is $400 This module has the latest software EEPROM, ver 1.5, which really makes it a Ddrum4 SE. These are some of the lowest latency modules ever produced so they are great for triggering VST drums...
  10. gbow

    Quarantine Therapy

  11. gbow

    Yet another Neil thread - Neil's style of playing

    In reading many things about Neil over the past few days, I ran across this article in Rolling Stone. It's maybe the most accurate description of Neil's playing style and approach I've ever read. If I could write, this would be along the lines of how I would describe Neil's style, approach, and...
  12. gbow

    20" K Custom Session Ride

    20" K Custom Session Ride. Picked up one of these used the other day. Man, what a great ride cymbal! Just the right blend of ping, wash, and a great bell. gabo
  13. gbow

    OT: Album Oriented Rock Playlist

    Recently I was on a mission to find new songs that fit the old concept of the original AOR radio stations. So basically a list of new songs that are rock, country rock, southern rock Jazz rock, Prog rock, alternative rock, etc. The criteria I had was the song had to be less than 5 years old...
  14. gbow

    This crazy thing we call drumming!

    - Drummers spend hours trying to get perfect spacing and weight between hits. - Meanwhile programmers try to build variation between hits to make computer generated parts more like a real drummer. - Drummers spend hours working to clicks to try to achieve perfect time and timing. - Meanwhile...
  15. gbow

    RIP Lawrence Leathers

    With great sadness we lost another great drummer. gabo
  16. gbow

    The Moderns - One More Time (Joe Jackson Cover)

    A fun cover we thoroughly enjoy playing. Hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy playing it!
  17. gbow

    The Moderns - Denial

  18. gbow

    Christmas wish to DFO - A little Peace, Love, and Understanding

    During this holiday season, everyone could use a little Peace, Love, and Understanding! gabo
  19. gbow

    I Need To Know (Tom Petty) cover

    From our recent live show. gabo
  20. gbow

    Drummer's Groovecast

    Anyone listen to this on soundcloud? This week's feature is about Roger Hawkins. Roger was the drummer for the "swampers" out of Muscle Shoals. Played on lots of records. I first met Roger in the early 80s at Broadway Studios in Muscle Shoals. Got...