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  1. JDZ

    on this weekend in 1971...

    I wore my 1st copy out. I still love it from front to back. Didn't do any research on it, but I remember my brother in law telling me there was a 6 cd set on sale that had all their final performances at the Fillmore. Sounds interesting if true.
  2. JDZ

    Vintage Trap Case ID

    I have always thought 50's. I have 2 of those in immaculate condition. Nice case!
  3. JDZ

    Drummer autographs

    Here are 3 of mine.
  4. JDZ

    Fitzroy Metal Snare 1920s?

    Now THAT is a throw off!
  5. JDZ

    Wow...has this been discussed before? Slingerland complete set in Abalone??

    Wow! That is my favorite finish of all times! I've never seen a full kit. Z
  6. JDZ

    Picked up a 70’s Stage Band

    Looks great! Congrats. DZ
  7. JDZ

    Rogers 22" Bass Drum Hoop NEW OLD STOCK in box Vintage 1970's (SOLD)

    Bump with price drop.
  8. JDZ

    Cant we just be drummers

    And remember......
  9. JDZ

    Rogers 22" Bass Drum Hoop NEW OLD STOCK in box Vintage 1970's (SOLD)

    This is a Rogers, 22" bass drum hoop that has never been used. It is still wrapped and in the box. The hoop is black with a metallic inlay which may be loose from the small section unwrapped. I will ship the hoop in the box, which I've reinforced from the inside. Shame the guys in Fullerton...
  10. JDZ

    Anderson Paak plays cool Ludwig kit during Little Richard tribute

    That was a good clip!!!
  11. JDZ

    rid of swirl marks on BB NOB?

    I would leave it as is. There is too much to risk. To "fill in" the cracks with buffing would imply moving some metal. Better safe than sorry. DZ
  12. JDZ

    OT: THE Rolling Stones

    I am a big stones fan but I have never liked their "reggae" numbers. They always seemed like filler material. But, there was a time like with the Clash and other rock bands, doing reggae songs was the trendy and thing to do.
  13. JDZ

    Color my kit..please

    Gold sparkle is bright and brilliant!
  14. JDZ

    Chicago Drum Show a GO

    It took me over 3 weeks, trying 2/3 times a day, to get an appointment for Fri. here in Cleveland. What a pain. I'll be dosed up and at the show...still with a mask. Dave
  15. JDZ

    How About Songs w/Ride Cymbals That We Liked?

    What catches me off guard are the big budget commercials on TV. There is always some cool "K" sounding, beautiful, glassy, cutting ride in the background. I like 'em! far as commercials go. Kinda jazzy. Z
  16. JDZ

    New drum day

    Ha! This is what your drum will end up looking like, blikum. I bought this at the Chicago show in 2007 and handed it right to John.
  17. JDZ

    Can't find a decent box to ship a snare drum for restoring

    For those of you with pets, the Chewy large box (17x24x11) is easily cut down for a snare (17x17x11.) I just made a couple.
  18. JDZ

    OT - What was the best "golden age" decade in music?

    I'm sure every generation believes "their music" is the best. Z
  19. JDZ

    In all my years......I never seen one of these.....Ludwig

    Um....I wonder where the Ludwig Drum Co. got their logo ?
  20. JDZ

    Dixie USA (Rogers)

    Ha! That is cool. Z