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  1. JDZ

    Rogers 22" Bass Drum Hoop NEW OLD STOCK in box Vintage 1970's (SOLD)

    This is a Rogers, 22" bass drum hoop that has never been used. It is still wrapped and in the box. The hoop is black with a metallic inlay which may be loose from the small section unwrapped. I will ship the hoop in the box, which I've reinforced from the inside. Shame the guys in Fullerton...
  2. JDZ

    20's Leedy Black Elite eBay

    1920s Leedy Black Elite Snare Drum NICE!!! | eBay Feel free to ask any questions and tanks for looking. Dave Z
  3. JDZ

    Rogers Craigslist Find

    I should say lucky craigslist find. About a month ago I was shutting down for the day and checked craigslist...just one more time. This set was listed at an unbelievable price a few minutes earlier. I called and picked it up the next day. The top hat set was in beautiful, complete condition and...
  4. JDZ

    Rogers restoration is completed

    I took my time and finally finished up this project. Here is the original thread: I replaced all the generic lugs on the floor tom. All of the B+B lugs were removed on the kit and were reinforced. Only 1 peanut lug during the...
  5. JDZ

    Advice for repairing bubbling wrap.

    I'm working on a Rogers bass drum and removed the lugs today in prep of polishing. The wrap has bubbled near several of the lugs. The bubbles aren't that evident when the hoops and t-rods are present but I wouldn't mind repairing the areas. I remember something about a towel and an iron but that...
  6. JDZ

    Rogers Drum Throne $30!

    I've been tripping over this for just too long. The throne is in good condition. The chrome will clean up nicely. The leather seat is in good condition with only a few small tears. I believe it needs new foam as it quickly deflates and you end up sitting on the wood base. It should be easy to...
  7. JDZ

    New Rogers Acquisition

    Thought I'd share. I was not in the market for another kit. Especially one with B+B lugs and the flatter/rounded edges. This one kinda fell into my lap. I was on the fence about it but I never had a WMP Rogers kit. I bought it because the price was right and I knew I had enough lugs to restore...
  8. JDZ

    Unique Rogers Flier

    I've never seen another. You? It's odd that Buddy's splash is missing on the cover. I love the Rogers slogan: Play Better. Look better. Dave
  9. JDZ

    Ann Lantree RIP

    "Have I the Right" came out when I was 6 and would bounce around the backseat of my folks Oldsmobile when it would come on the radio. Wow, I loved that beat!!! Still do!
  10. JDZ

    New old stock Rogers heads-13-16- eBay

    I posted this auction yesterday:
  11. JDZ

    Rogers Silver Sparkle Dynasonic 1965 3 ply 4 digit serial number

    I am selling my silver sparkle dynasonic from 1965 with a serial number of 4092. The drum is very clean with no extra holes. It even has the original bottom head and elastic bands and clock face throw off. No rust or corrosion. It is a very special drum that has never been out of Cleveland. I've...
  12. JDZ

    PBS "Soundbreaking"

    Has anyone been watching this? It is really good and have enjoyed the episodes so far. I missed the 1st one but found it on the web. Tonight's episode ....The beat, four on the floor! Dave
  13. JDZ

    How'd I do.....Yammys?

    Hey, I am strictly a vintage guy but always thought it would be fun to play around on a "newer" kit. I saw a craigslist ad for garage sales and "drum sets" were listed. I checked it out and liked this Yamaha Stage Custom kit. I thought about it and wen;t back this morning and bought it for $225...
  14. JDZ

    Red, White, and Blue

    Here are mine!
  15. JDZ

    Krupa in Cleveland

    I got this pic from a local photographer who shot a lot of the early rock and roll acts as they came through Cleveland. This was shot in the studio of a local TV show back in the day called "Upbeat." I'm sure the Rogers kit was the house set but I've seen other pics of Gene playing WMP Rogers...
  16. JDZ

    60's Ludwig Naugahyde Bag Set

    Hi, I'm selling a set of heavy naugahyde Ludwig drum bags. They are 22-13-16" in really good shape. All the zippers work, no holes, and the handles intact. They are not in new or unused condition but I would say very nice. The original owner wrote his name inside the bags and it has since faded...
  17. JDZ

    First drum purchase in years!

    So, I've called off the search. I leave every stone unturned. I've finished buying drums. It had probably been 3 years since I bought one. Two years ago at the Chicago show, I came home with a harmonica (thanks a lot, Tanco.) This year was to be the same. I couldn't even think of a drum that I...
  18. JDZ

    RIP Ian Mclagan

    I was sorry to hear this news today. I've been a fan of his playing since I first heard him with the Small Faces. Later in life, I would chat with him whenever he came to town and evevry now and again exchange emails. He was a real talent and nice guy. Nobody could weave those B-3 melody lines...
  19. JDZ

    Help with my new Camco

    This is my first Camco drum and I know nothing about it. Does anyone know it's approximate age? How many plies? Will it be difficult finding a top hoop? Of course I must ask a ballpark worth. Thanks in advance, Dave
  20. JDZ

    Please hellp! Turkish K appraisal needed

    Hi! Yes I'm a drum guy but as far as cymbals go, I'm not an expert. An elderly gentleman in my neighborhood has an old K that he would like me to take to the Chicago show to sell. I have no idea of value. I played the cymbal when I got it home today and it is a beauty. It's not real thin...