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  1. GregR

    Who’s Hyped for the Genesis Reunion Tour?

    For those prices better have Peter Gabriel and Steve Hackett on stage....even then?
  2. GregR

    Drummer autographs

    I got Buddy to sign a $2.00 bill way back in the day when I snuck back stage at the Ontario Place forum. I knocked on the dressing room door at the El Mocambo when King Crimson was playing there and got Bruford's on a $1.00 bill - so Buddy's is worth twice as much! I have a number of Neil...
  3. GregR

    Help with kit for 3 feet son

    he could do some amazing bass drum work with 3 feet!
  4. GregR

    Buddy...I was listening last night, and BAM!

    I saw Buddy live several times and saw every one of his appearances on the Tonight Show, as well as countless other videos. When I saw him live it was so powerful. Every time I would walk away thinking about giving up drumming. He was so far beyond anything else I had ever seen. That...
  5. GregR

    How to avoid steep angle on toms

    I am 59 years old and only in the last few months did I finally figure out I should raise my stool a lot higher. Now my drums are lower and more parallel to the ground and I find it has improved my drumming. Never too old to learn!
  6. GregR

    Keith Moon strikes out at the Record Plant

    Keith Moon is one of my favourite drummers of all time - top 3. We sometimes forget how unorthodox his drumming was back in the 60's / early 70's. He invented a certain style. You watch / read interviews with Daltrey and Townsend about the era of Who's Next - Quadrophenia. I remember one...
  7. GregR

    How to play heavy backbeats while playing cross-handed?

    I have never had this problem and i am a hard hitter. Not sure why but I never hit my hand or other stick
  8. GregR

    Did you learn to play drums by ear?

    I took exactly one lesson when I was starting out as a kid. I did take lessons for a couple of years in my 40's when i got back into drumming after about a 20 year lay off
  9. GregR

    Best in action pics!

    Our band has been doing some recording lately
  10. GregR

    Buddy Rich/Johnny Carson circa 1978/1979 Ludwig White Pearloid Drum Set

    Well i was bidding on these but $113K was just a little too rich for me unfortunately.
  11. GregR

    Anybody here score big at the Julien's Gretsch auction?

    wow! my wife would love it if I pulled up in a truck with that load!
  12. GregR

    Painting rivets on hardware

    Hi guys. I was searching for help on cleaning rust off rims on an old kit. I found this thread. Can someone tell me the process? Thanks!
  13. GregR

    Restored 1951 Premier ‘51 Outfit’

    Stunning kit!
  14. GregR

    Danny Carey DrumCam from 2002

    The guy is a freaking monster! I am in awe every time I watch him play. Tool is one band I will pay (used to pay) to be up front. Just so I can watch Danny
  15. GregR

    New Ludwig Finish - Burgundy Pearl

    Those are beautiful drums!
  16. GregR

    Rock Songs with Great Hi-Hat Work?

    I always thought that Swingtown by Steve Miller is pretty relentless on the hi hats. Although the bass drum is more difficult.
  17. GregR

    OT: THE Rolling Stones

    I am a big fan of the Stones. I love the country influenced songs especially as mentioned the Gram Parsons era. My favourite Stones era is the Mick Taylor years, but I have been a fan fo close to 50 years - probably my favourite band of all time. Tatoo You is so good because most of those...
  18. GregR

    Is restoring a drum set worth it?

    Great thread guys. Any tips on cleaning rust from rims - see photo below? Is there a thread here dedicated to tips / lessons?
  19. GregR

    George Fludas is Bonham 2.0 on drums

    Hey George. Welcome! I am a big fan from Bonzoleum's You Tube channel. Love your drumming!