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  1. GregR

    Trixon Gems

    I didn't see another thread on these but what a time capsule of cool!! 1965 Trixon Trixon Speedfire
  2. GregR

    Help with Value and Age of this kit

    A friend asked my advice on this used Ludwig kit. Can anyone tell me the approximate year of production and what you feel it is worth? Thanks in advance. Used Ludwig Kit
  3. GregR

    Rogers Original Green??

    Sorry if this auction has been posted already. Rogers guys. Is this an original wrap? The seam on the one drum doesn't look right to me, but I am no expert. Rogers Green Sparkle
  4. GregR

    Rogers - Opinions

    I am thinking of bidding on this drum. Can I get some opinions from you Rogers guys? :roll: Great auction!
  5. GregR

    Most Expensive Drum Set on The Planet?

    So the thread on Ringo's Sullivan set got me thinking. Peart - $25K, Weckyl - $20K, Ringo - $??? Would Ringo's set be the standard for all drum sets? Would one of Bonham's go for more? What about Moon's Pictures of Lily kit? What other iconic drumsets are out there that could challenge for...
  6. GregR

    Silly Rogers Drum Auctions

    I haven't seen a thread on these auctions yet. It seems that "pops" had some nice drums, but when I contacted the seller to get better pics, or more info, condition, or something or ANYTHING MORE, his response was "I don't know much, they were Pops drums". :roll: Check out this rare bird. No...