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  1. zenghost

    Paiste 14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair)

    Paiste 14" Signature Dark Crisp Hi-Hat Cymbals (Pair) Picked these up a short time ago from fellow DFO member Bbunks to give these Signature models a try, but am sticking with the 602 ME series for my 14" hats. It's obvious Bill took good care of these instruments - no issues or concerns...
  2. zenghost

    SOLD - Kentville kangaroo hide heads - 12/14/15 for sale, again

    Three Kentville kangaroo hide heads - all medium weight - 12", 14" and 15" Ordered new from Steve Weiss Music and briefly played (conservatively). The 15" is tensioned higher compared to the 12" and 14", which Kentville said is easily remedied by their instructions to wet the head and tension...
  3. zenghost

    Ludwig Burgundy Mist wrap?

    Does anyone have a sample of what Ludwig called Burgundy Mist and offered briefly a few years ago? I am interested in possibly having some made, but would have an easier time matching with an actual sample. I can find plenty of pics, but thought a sample would be ideal for matching against a...
  4. zenghost

    Ludwig Drum Co. - kudos

    While my focus has transitioned into being far less gear-centric as of late, I feel strongly about providing feedback on a manufacturer when credit for good work is warranted. 
 I had cause to order a kit a couple months ago. After much consideration given to the usual contenders, Ludwig Classic...
  5. zenghost

    SOLD - Ludwig 5x14 Bronze w/ tube lugs

    SOLD Ludwig LB550T bronze snare - 5x14 Excellent condition - dusty, couple light scratches, but otherwise very close to new - may ship with original Ludwig med. coated head if I can track it down. $475 shipped in lower 48
  6. zenghost

    SOLD - Trick v6 replacement drive shaft for DW double pedal - like new

    SOLD Trick v6 replacement drive shaft for DW double pedals - recently purchased and barely used. While it's clear me I have no business playing double bass, I can recognize Trick has produced a truly remarkable product with this shaft. An instantly noticeable and appreciated upgrade to any DW...
  7. zenghost

    SOLD - Jenkins-Martin - INDe 13/16/22 - Deep Purple

    SOLD *gold sparkle config now staying in stable to keep that shell bank intact - replacing with 13/16/22 from the purple collection* Jenkins-Martin and INDe Drum Co. collaborative kit build - the best of both worlds. Exquisite build quality from craftsman who sweat the details. The renowned...
  8. zenghost

    Tama Speed Cobra double pedal

    Tama Speed Cobra 310 double pedal - good condition - a little play in universal joints, but pedal plays fine $85 plus shipping - no trades
  9. zenghost

    SOLD - Paiste Masters 20" Bluebird Ride

    On Reverb: Paiste 20" Masters Bluebird-Mellow ride
  10. zenghost

    SOLD - Zildjian Kerope 20"

    SOLD On Reverb: No sound files available at this time. $325 shipped to lower 48 No trades aside from consideration given for a Paiste 20" Masters Bluebird/Mellow ride
  11. zenghost

    Pearl TH-2000 tom holder & BB-3 bass drum bracket

    Pearl TH-2000 tom holder & BB-3 bass drum bracket (w/mounting bolts). Appear to be new in packaging, but to be safe, expect signs of handling or light use. Sold as a pair - $75 shipped in lower 48.
  12. zenghost

    Jenkins-Martin - INDe - Stellar Hoops - 18" BD/FT build

    I have never owned an 18" BD, and in the past have tried using an 18" FT in conversion set-ups with unsatisfying results. When finishing out my gold sparkle Jenkins-Martin/INDe shell bank, I was missing an 18" drum altogether, but wanted something that could easily fill the role of a bass drum...
  13. zenghost

    SOLD - Paiste Forumula 602 Modern Essentials 22" China

    SOLD - For your consideration - picked this up a couple weeks ago from DCP for an audition, but have found the Masters Swish has more utility for me. DFO members pm for DFO pricing
  14. zenghost

    SOLD - Paiste 15" Masters Dark Hi-hats

    SOLD On Reverb - keeping a pair and selling another:
  15. zenghost

    SOLD - Craviotto Mahogany - 12/15/20

  16. zenghost

    Jenkins-Martin/INDe, again - Deep Purple (G)rain

    Jenkins-Martin and INDe came through in a big way again for another collaborative build in 10x7 / 12x7.5 / 15x13 / 20x13 with dual-badges on the mounted toms. (Josh's photo from Instagram) (a couple of photos after delivery - it's clear I should not try to earn a living photographing drums)...
  17. zenghost

    SOLD - Sonor Vintage Series single-tom holder - STH VT 674MC

    SOLD Sonor Vintage Series single-tom holder - STH VT 674MC model Lightly used - excellent condition - primary L-arm with memory lock - additional hex L-arm included - 1" (non-Sonor) memory lock will be included for downtube $85 shipped in lower 48
  18. zenghost

    SOLD - Craviotto Walnut snare 14x6 - black sparkle lacquer

    SOLD Craviotto Walnut snare 14x6 - black sparkle lacquer w/maple inlay Signed shell from 2015 BB batter /30 reso edges - eight-lug config - needs new batter head Very slight dimples at a few points on the batter bearing edge - very difficult to see and just slightly detectable through touch -...
  19. zenghost

    SOLD - Craviotto Walnut - 10/12/15/20 - lacquer sparkle

    SOLD Craviotto Walnut kit - lacquer coke bottle sparkle - excellent condition 10x7.5 - 30/30 edges 12x8 - 30/30 edges 15x13 - BB/30 edges 20x14 - BB/BB edges - T-rods Signed shells - 2015 Gretsch tom holder bracket installed by Craviotto during build as per build spec walnut reinforcing...
  20. zenghost

    SOLD - Sonor Vintage Series - 10/12/14/16/20 Vintage Pearl

    SOLD - Sonor Vintage Series - Vintage Marine Pearl wrap - superb condition (could use a dusting :icon_smile: ) 10x8 tt 12x8 tt 14x12 ft 16x14 ft 20x14 bd w/ factory-installed tom holder bracket - not a commonly found feature on these kits No tom holder included - bracket will accept standard...