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    Artist Signature Snares you really like

    I find the Yamaha Garabaldi to be quite nice. I've got the non branded version ,the Yamaha SD-4103 Only difference is badge and blue finish.
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    What sad stories stand out to you regarding musicians/musical industry?

    Phil Kennemore and Lenny Haze from Y&T were victims of smoking. Lung cancer and COPD respectively.
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    What sad stories stand out to you regarding musicians/musical industry?

    Gall bladder operations according to a general surgeon I once knew, are like working @ Jiffy Lube. Should be routine and without complications. How they managed to kill him is anybody's guess.
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    What sad stories stand out to you regarding musicians/musical industry?

    Keith Emerson discovering he had a degenerative nerve disorder that left him unable to play. Phil Collins pretty much is screwed from ever playing again. Linda Rostandt not being able to sing anymore. Life do seem to have a way of saying screw you. Mark Craney dying from diabetic complications.
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    Drum design flaws— double down

    Fibes did a pretty lousy job on their tom mount system. It was only adjustable to one height without slipping down back into the mounting hole. I had to use duct tape on the smaller rod to insure proper height without it sliding down.
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    Drum design flaws— double down

    The infamous Ludwig Carl Palmer Venus snare throw off. You couldn't disengage the snares fully.
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    First time deep cleaning hardware. How to?

    For chrome and aluminum ,use an automatic dishwasher on regular wash. Stay away from the pots and pans cycle. Works on hoops too.
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    Internal Mufflers : A Bad Rap?

    Never liked them. No matter how you posistioned your drum ,you would always hit that dead spot eventually.
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    Cover bands, "tribute" bands and royalties

    Don't forget jukeboxes and background music are also collected as royalties. Just like a bar pays a higher fee for sports programming than an individual household ,the same holds truer for piped in music. It's included in the subscription fee.
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    Jazz Standards - song suggestions

    Oleo Red Clay Song for My Father Footprints
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    Steely Dan in 1974

    From what I recall they signed a really bad recording contract and it wasn't worth it to tour.
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    Rogers Dynasonic ID

    Rogers big R late 70's early 80's. Seamed brass shell A players snare as much of the original drum has been replaced. The SN should give you a date
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    Good brass snares (besides the Black Beauty)

    I think the Carl Palmer Venus is a great brass snare for the money IF you get the latest model. Ludwig sure did screw it's rep by shipping a poorly designed throw to begin with.
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    Favorite hair piece

    Same here,but Irish. Literally had to shave his back. Hair sweater.
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    Favorite hair piece

    My ex brother in law was balding @17. Saw his HS grad pic's and he already had a comb over going on. Man that's gotta suck.
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    Walden,Cobham,Gadd, Seraphine,Colomby.
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    And Yet Another GUITAR CENTER UPDATE!! Saturday store visit...

    Just came back from the GC in San Fran. Kind of picked over,but they actually had someone in the drum dept. I noticed a clearance sticker on a set of cymbals I bought about a month ago at another GC store that was about $50 bucks cheaper than I had paid on closeout . They refunded me the diff...
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    Favorite hair piece

    He's my age and I wonder how he keeps his beard so natural a color.
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    Favorite hair piece

    Mel Torme had a story about him getting PO'd at a hotel that was undergoing construction while he was trying to sleep. He ran out into the lobby in boxer shorts with his wig on sideways to beach about the noise.
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    Favorite hair piece