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  1. Old PIT Guy

    Haters of YouTube Drumming Stars Tune In Tonight

    And this is where some well-intentioned poster would be tempted to interject that it's not a contest. And where I can't help but read it as exactly that. I mean, this is a perfect example of lumping all the drummers posting on Youtube together for the purpose of down voting the entire lot...
  2. Old PIT Guy

    The Travis Barker Reverb Sale

    "Owned by Travis Barker" is no different in intent than "Owned by a 'Holic" -- it's all the same circus ride.
  3. Old PIT Guy

    Drum risers?

    BITD we used milk crates (double-duty as cable and misc. bins) with plywood sheets on top.
  4. Old PIT Guy

    Cymbal "Break-In"

    They're a lot like audio cables in that they're not fully broken in until just after the return window expires.
  5. Old PIT Guy


    I did a stint with an impersonator fresh from a hard rock band with a heavy accelerator foot. The fake King loved the tempos jacked up. Wasn't a problem for me, but I did cringe a little when I heard playback from board recordings. We always opened with CC rider, which is a rabbity tempo, and...
  6. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    I’ll take your word on alloy availability since I didn’t follow supplier issues with instrument makers back then any more than I do now. But I have to assume Paiste knew the alloy formulas for their own lines of cymbals, and it seems to me at some point in this 17 year B20 hiatus they could've...
  7. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    I never gave cymbals a lot of time, so there is that. First impressions aren't always accurate, but they are enough of the time for me that I trust it. I don't know what causes such offense at a suggestion that as we age our hearing declines with all the other parts. And more so if you've played...
  8. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    That could have been the problem. I'm not a fan of ride cymbals that have a wide spectrum of tones. That wide range hits my ears and if it's not harmonious in some way with the other parts of the set (tonally), and most notably itself, I don't like it. But that doesn't make it ridiculous that...
  9. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    Send the link to Paiste and let them deal with Al's weird sleep habits.
  10. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    I don't think it's ridiculous; I think it's an opinion. You may not agree with it and that's fine, as it should be. There could a billion examples of it being played and if someone tries one and doesn't like it that doesn't make their dislike ridiculous. I didn't like the one I played. There was...
  11. Old PIT Guy

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    What seals that for me is when it's a highly figured veneer and the company uses the Faucet display from Home Depot to mount it.
  12. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    A few things to consider. I'm not in that list, nor are countless other drummers who didn't fall head over heels with them either. Do any in your list still play the SCDR or did they move on. If they were popular why drop them from the lineup. There were a few guys I recall flying these full...
  13. Old PIT Guy

    Why hasn’t Paiste recreated the SCDR?

    I think it's because even though their value has become ridiculous since the discontinuation they weren't all that well received beyond niche enthusiast forums. I sampled one and it was .... I'm tying to think of a kinder word than obnoxious ... overbearing. Personal opinion, of course. But then...
  14. Old PIT Guy

    Largest big box retailer in the U.S.

    It's always struck me as perverse that on one hand we have a business model predicated on growth but out of that comes this weird undefined rubicon that a business can cross where they become too big, causing some people to develop negative opinions of them. Some even while still being...
  15. Old PIT Guy

    direct drive bass drum pedals?

    Pedals remind me of bicycle component weight. Marketing works to get buyers hung up on on making a simple device lighter for better performance. In the case of bicycling it's pretty obvious the thing to do is shed pounds of unnecessary bodyweight rather than grams of material weight from the...
  16. Old PIT Guy

    Movement back to thinner shells

    Follow the money. Thinner shells, less wood, higher ROI.
  17. Old PIT Guy

    What is your unpopular drum opinion?

    People buy way too many of them.
  18. Old PIT Guy

    UPS nightmare

    There’s an inherent risk in handing a box of goods over to any commercial carrier, and just as with Russian Roulette, each time you play the odds of fatal error increases. I would wager most of the people upset over damages spend a relatively inordinate amount of time shuttling boxes to and fro...
  19. Old PIT Guy

    Any Dream Interpreters here?

  20. Old PIT Guy

    OT - Random conversation thread

    Not as spooky as the doozy of a nightmare I had not long ago where I was being chased by a big smelly hare down a rabbit hole that looked like an episode of Hoarders. And when I finally reached the den something putrid smacked me in the head with a blue bell and I awoke in a sweat.