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  1. 44Ronin

    Gretsch Lightning strainer/ Fishtail butt keyhead screws - retrofit?

    Anyone know if these are backwards compatible with strainers on older drums? If so, does anyone know where to get some of these parts/who to order from?
  2. 44Ronin

    Long overdue shout-out to INDe Drum/Josh.

    Last year, and many moons ago. I bought a lovely 14x6.5 Maple in lovely blue from Josh. I've sat in with this drum for some time now, and here is what I have to say about it; What I have to say is, that this snare is just phenomenal. My gawd.... it's a FAT sounding drum but it also has a sweet...
  3. 44Ronin

    Atlas arch mount, where to put it?

    For a 20x16 gretsch bass drum mounting a 12x8 tom? Front or rear lugs? Can you have it on one side instead of the two center lugs?
  4. 44Ronin

    Modern Gretsch Microsensitive Strainer annoyance, and how to fix it.

    I really like this strainer. The new redesign makes sure the tension will never back off, ever. This is because the lever locks and the butt plate adjustment knob on the other end is actually scalloped so it absolutely cannot turn and loosen up. *but* I have found that IF the big tension dial...
  5. 44Ronin

    Off-on topic: Don't pay your taxes and get a free drum troupe play for you "THANE, India—For five years, real-estate developer Prahul Sawant ignored government orders to pay his taxes. Then the drummers showed up, beating their instruments and demanding he...
  6. 44Ronin

    Lets talk: snares with dual tension adjustment

    Considering a drum with the new microsensitive strainer & butt plate. Having never used one, does dual tension adjustment on a snare (as in the butt plate has tension adjustment as well as the lever side)..actually offer anything opposed to single tension adjustment? Not talking about parallel...
  7. 44Ronin

    Article on undersung hero Mehmet TamdeÄŸer Mehmet Tamdeğer, once an errand boy for the world famous Zildjian cymbal makers, keeps hammering out his special-formula of precious copper to produce...
  8. 44Ronin

    Doing backline call for the stones shortly

    im pumped to see charlie's kit up close! will report after the gig
  9. 44Ronin

    Strap drive pedals, what's out there?

    It seems to me that strap drive pedals have the smoothest, most natural feel. Kinda like the footboards hug and follow your heel much better than chains? Had similar experience in DD pedals, but they are more 'floaty' and not as powerful. What strap drive pedals have you used, and recommend...
  10. 44Ronin

    Gretsch brooklyn snares (wood). what do you think?

    Well, I've decided I really want Brooklyn kit in Blue Oyster. But here's the kicker... to get the sizes I want 16 x 20+ 12&14" toms in my country, I have to take the shell kit with the snare - specifically the 5.5x14. Apparently the distributor plays hardball with the snare option only...
  11. 44Ronin

    New Istanbul Mehmets

    The latest bunch.... Origin Dark 22" Origin Dark 19" Mehmet Legend 21" Legend Dark 20" Original Light 20" The family including 14" Matched Medium & 14" Nostalgia hihats
  12. 44Ronin

    In the Australian tradition......

    6 x 14" Blackwood Stave Drum. 1/2" Tasmanian Blackwood Shell 8 Brady-Style Lugs provided by Stevec1234 Exterior is finished with %30 satin 2 pack lacquer Interior is finished in nitrocellulose lacquer RCK strainer and snare butt, 1 x 9/25" air vent.
  13. 44Ronin

    A drum teacher told me the full stroke was completely useless...

    Wrong section, sorry ! Whoops Not my teacher but someone I live with, he saw me playing full stroke and criticised me about it as well as a few other parts of my playing that were related to the way his electronic drums were set up and uncomfortable for me to play on. He commented on the full...
  14. 44Ronin

    Istanbul Mehmet splash

    My first ZOOM Q3 Recording! Check it out, turn speakers UP!
  15. 44Ronin

    Istanbul Mehmets

    Hi, this is rudie. My old account was damaged in the forum changeover. I'd just thought I'd share some nice pics of the new cymbals! Sultans 14 Matched Medium Hihats (Crisp, warm and crunchy) 16 Thin Crash (Smooth, bright with dark overtones/wash) 20 Jazz Ride (Bright stick with dark &...