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  1. jmpd_utoronto

    Canopus ASH !

    Yowsers! Those are nice.
  2. jmpd_utoronto

    Oriollo Drums

    Man... those drums sound fantastic, and that was one of the most musical drum solos I've heard in a while. Really beautiful. Sinclair, would you mind telling me more about your micing setup? (Feel free to PM if that's easier.) Thanks!
  3. jmpd_utoronto

    "The New Breed" by Gary Chester.

    I assume you're talking about the Gary Chester book, right? (Not Chester Thompson, as awesome as he is?) The melodies are I believe near the end of the book - they get progressively harder I think. That's the one slightly annoying thing about the way it's set up - you are flipping back and...
  4. jmpd_utoronto


    A Christmas gig a couple of years ago at Roy Thomson Hall in Toronto, a porch concert from the past summer, and a concert my group TorQ did with Nagata Shachu.
  5. jmpd_utoronto

    Does Anyone Play a Bop Sized Kit and NOT play jazz here?

    My first "real" kit was a Premier Artist Heritage series in bop sizes (18/12/14), so by necessity that got used for a few different styles for a while. Now my go-tos for a lot of gigs are typically 20/12/14 (or sometimes 22/12/16 if it's heavier rock), but I keep a set of 18/12/14 Beech Customs...
  6. jmpd_utoronto

    OT: Spring = time for tinkering with bikes :)

    Got a Planet X London Road almost a year ago to use as a commuter/bike that I wouldn't mind locking up. Realized a few months ago that, despite my love of drop bar bikes, I wanted something a bit more casual that I could just hop on and go, and not worry about if I was wearing the right gear or...
  7. jmpd_utoronto

    Anyone Here Play Vibes?

    Yep! Play a bunch of mallet instruments, including vibes, marimba, glock and xylo (though definitely less of them since COVID as all my percussion quartet gigs got cancelled or postponed). If you're into jazz vibes, would also highly recommend checking out Joe Locke, Warren Wolfe and Sasha...
  8. jmpd_utoronto

    Sabian Cymbals you wish they'd make or make again

    I had one for a while - I love a lot of Sabian stuff, but this cymbal just wasn't for me (to be fair, if I'd done more research ahead of time, I probably would have known that). Your description of it is very accurate - and if that's what you're looking for, it definitely fit the bill.
  9. jmpd_utoronto


    Ultimately the best wood/natural skin head djembe is gonna sound better than a Remo (to my ears). The problem is that lots of wood djembes have crappy heads/are not made very consistently/aren't tuned well, so most of the time they end up sounding too low and kind of flabby and lifeless. I can...
  10. jmpd_utoronto

    Face Masks For Drummers

    These look super cool but unfortunately shipping to Canada is just as much as the mask itself. :(
  11. jmpd_utoronto

    Mystery Snare Drum

    I would have guessed that it was European (German? Swiss?) based on the unusual lug/tension rod arrangement. But curious to hear more about it if you get it!
  12. jmpd_utoronto

    Shell Banks

    I don't have any intention of unloading them, they are some of my favourite drums. Having said that, I have to say I don't understand your bias against the Chinese drums. Everyone has their favourite eras for sure, but from my experience I'd argue the fit and finish of the newest generation of...
  13. jmpd_utoronto

    New snare drum day!

    Sweet! I've always loved the Stanbridge stuff - never heard one in person but the drums always look amazing, and isn't that the most important part anyway? ;) Great score!
  14. jmpd_utoronto

    Shell Banks

    I have a shell bank of Yamaha Club Customs. The drums that see the most work (and are currently set up in my studio) are the 20/12/14 combo, but also have two 22" kicks (one matching black swirl, one blue swirl), a 24" kick, and at least one of each tom size in 8-18" They've all been used for...
  15. jmpd_utoronto

    2021 - will you be purchasing a new kit ?

    Likely not, unless things improve in a very big way. Most of my gear money these days is going to decent recording/mixing gear. (Although I know better than to say "no" for certain... if a well-priced Recording Custom came a long, I might be thinking about what I could sell to finance it...)
  16. jmpd_utoronto

    Way OT: My road bike ride up the mountain video

    Cool vid and a beautiful bike, Dan! One of my most memorable rides ever was up Mt. Diablo, with my teacher at the time, I think around 2006. Was beautiful and sunny and warm at the bottom but started hailing near the top to the point that we had to get off and shelter under a tree, as it was so...
  17. jmpd_utoronto

    ATON Cajon Drumset Classic.....

    I actually really like cajons (I used to gig with one quite a bit, and I was going to write my dissertation on their history and adaptation at one point), but while this sounds cool to me, it's certainly way less practical than a normal kit and takes up the same amount of space. Cool novelty...
  18. jmpd_utoronto

    Drum Stores That Deserve Our Support

    For us Canadians, another hearty endorsement here for @Murat and Drummer's Hangout. It's my go-to for anything I need in the Greater Toronto Area, and as far as I'm concerned the number one shop in Toronto and beyond. (Unfortunately my experiences with both Just Drums and Soul Drums have...
  19. jmpd_utoronto

    Dang...freaking nate smith at it again!

    Brittany Howard is a force and that band is bananas. Killer set!! Thanks for the heads up.
  20. jmpd_utoronto

    So let's talk more about EAD10

    A couple of people have mentioned triggering issues as well - I had a couple of minor issues, but they were related to the unit just coming a bit loose. You just need to snug up the knurled knob every once in a while, and that will probably solve a lot of things. It's interesting to hear that...