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    I donated a kit today to local schools.

    Good on you, lad! I’ve done the same.
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    Gretsch Catalina vs. USA Custom or Brooklyn

    I used a Catalina bop kit for a few months as a studio reheasal kit. Sounded excellent, warm and comforting at medium volume. That sugar-coated soft wood. We were writing material and I found the Cats to be a very good fit, because they were not an in-your-face sound in a small space...
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    Time for your Office Pics! It's been a while.

    I had a lovely Group 4 Dunhill in that finish.
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    Russ Kunkel

    There is a proven dynamic, based on both biological science and sociology, that If one focuses on consistency and taste, and is supportive in playing and attitude, that the drummer always gets the girl. I’ve had several bass players tell me this, so it must be true. Anyway, his personal life...
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    Help, learning to hear on big stage

    For a larger venue, I remind myself to play for the microphones, and not try to play for the back of the room. That is one major difference between playing with and without sound reinforcement that can really make a psychological difference in how you play, and in the quality of your playing...
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    Bottom on the top

    Used to do it with my New Beats paying horn/B3-driven funk. Been a while, thanks for the reminder.
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    Got bit recently by the Summit bug

    Gosh, all my drums are plain old plywood.
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    Got bit recently by the Summit bug

    If you had mahogany but didn’t keep it then I predict you’ll get oak. I’d want the mahogany though.
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    Revised picture of my snares

    Good theme you got going on there. Man after my own heart, I’ve got five of the same snares— Acro, Supra5, BB6.5 and both depths of the CMs. Is there a favorite at the moment or one that endures?
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    22-13-16 Sonor vintage series in California Blue / the GAS strikes back

    Amen to that. I would spend hours with the Sears catalog, examining every. single.toy.
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    22-13-16 Sonor vintage series in California Blue / the GAS strikes back

    Personally, this is the one Sonor kit, in the one Sonor wrap, I lust after in a life otherwise blessed with equanimity. But for you, my friend: Is this what you want, or do you now think you want it because it is there? Is this kismet or opportunism? “After a time you may find that...
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    Journey Joins the Double-Drummer Trend with Castronovo-Walden Pairing

    Sounded like expensive karaoke.
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    Journey Joins the Double-Drummer Trend with Castronovo-Walden Pairing

    Oy. Don’t get me started on the Band Formerly Known as “Journey”…. I think we are overlooking the fact that they, “Journey”, need to start a tour with two drummers so they can sue one and fire the other.
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    Can someone explain all the "prototype" cymbals?

    I recall Mr. Francis explaining sometimes they’d make a special cymbal for an endorser and if he thought other drummers might like it he’d make a batch and take them to trade shows and such to see what other drummers thought of them for either feedback or to test marketing viability and if all...
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    Picked up a Trap Table

    That’s pretty damned classy. And, finally, a big bass drum on this forum that has nothing to do with Bonham….
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    Journey Joins the Double-Drummer Trend with Castronovo-Walden Pairing

    As the sun sets, kissing the closing flowers with soft twilight, it is a wise man who realizes that the journey has come to an end.
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    1963 Ludwig Kit Price...

    Those were previously owned and played by the Dalai Lama, so they’ve got pretty good tone.
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    47 year wait is over.

    Yay! I had Silver Dots on my Vistalites. Punchy tone down to the bone!
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    I think I joined a band today

    Congratulations! Go ahead, do your opening credits spin:
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    Coated Ambassadors....

    I’m a big Vintage Ambassador fan also. Great for snares. On toms as well, sort of like a built-in quarter piece of moon gel.