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  1. SteadyEddie

    Does Anyone Still Play the Ludwig Speed King

    I still use one. I use other pedals on back line kits and they always feel heavy compared to the SK. I really like the enclosed compression springs verses the expansion springs all other pedals have. I've determined that the squeak comes from the small piece of spring steel at the top of the...
  2. SteadyEddie

    How many of you are roving gigging drummers?

    That's me. I'm not in a band. I just fill in when people need a drummer. Either it's a pick up band, or their regular drummer can't make a gig. Works out great for me because I'm not obligated to a gig if the travel is too far or the venue stinks. And...NO REHEARSALS!!! Usually every one is...
  3. SteadyEddie

    20” Sabian Artisan light ride vs 20” K ride

    I have an Artisan 20" light ride and it is a very nice cymbal. I do not have any comparison to the K.
  4. SteadyEddie

    No drum key at a gig? Wwwhat?

    Bummer. I always keep 2 keys in my stick bag. Plus a mechanical pencil and ear plugs. I never forgot a drum key. I forgot to bring my cymbals once, and forgot to bring a bass drum to an audition, but never drum keys.
  5. SteadyEddie

    OT - Do you have a jazz radio station where you live?

    The best station in the nation! I listen all day long.
  6. SteadyEddie


    Sabian 22" Artisan light ride. Sabian 16" AAX recording crash. Zildjian 18" A medium crash. Zildjian 14" hats (new beat top, thin crash bottom).
  7. SteadyEddie

    How do i put small vent holes in head

    I drilled holes in my floor tom resonant head using a 3/16 HS drill bit, drilling at a slow rpm and light pressure. Worked fine.
  8. SteadyEddie

    Matt Chamberlain

    Check out Miranda Lambert's "Four The Record".
  9. SteadyEddie

    Rim Shots or Middle of Snare

    Rim. I don't have to work as hard to get a big/loud sounds.
  10. SteadyEddie

    Blue/Olive or Keystone Badge---which is more iconic?

    I like the small Keystone badge. Looks cool. I have a Supraphonic with one and the embossing is really nice.
  11. SteadyEddie

    Thread About Live gigs - Tips

    Don't forget your bag of dirt.
  12. SteadyEddie

    OT: I need some advice from Landlords on a walk through today

    Cracked windows are not normal wear and tear. Just because someone pays rent for 8 years isn't an excuse for letting the house fall into disrepair.
  13. SteadyEddie

    OT: I need some advice from Landlords on a walk through today

    I just had a tenant move out of a house I rented and left the place a mess! I charged her for stain killer paint for the smoke damaged walls, $400 to clean the place because she didn't clean before she left, a broken window, and a smoke stained bedroom ceiling fan. She lived there for 12 years...
  14. SteadyEddie

    Beato Bags

    I have Pro 1 cases and generally they are great. But, I have a bass drum case that the zipper is pulling away from the case and it is a real pain to zip and unzip. Bummer.
  15. SteadyEddie

    The life & times of master craftsman, Johnny Craviotto

    I sort of knew Johnny very casually back in the 80s when he was the house drummer for a blues jam at Mountain Charlie's in Mountain View, CA. He loved playing the flat tire shuffles. Good drummer.
  16. SteadyEddie

    No love for my neighbor!

    What's the difference between a trampoline and a banjo? You have to take your boots off when you jump on a trampoline.
  17. SteadyEddie

    the gigging drummer with the day job

    I work 6 days a week. I don't have a steady band, but sub for 5 or 6 bands. And, I never rehearse. That's how I stay sane.
  18. SteadyEddie

    Joe Ascione

    He's on an album by Joey DeFrancesco called "Goodfellas" with Frank Vignola on guitar. Just spectacular playing throughout. They do an up tempo cover of Monk's "Evidence" that kills.