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  1. drumbum91

    Single Release

    Had a dream and goal I’ve had come to fruition today. Took me almost 10 years to finish this song. I played all of the instruments and was fortunate to have a good friend record this in his awesome studio in Aiken, SC. Would love your feedback on it! I wrote this song about my grandad but...
  2. drumbum91

    Weekend Projects

    I’ve been playing a “suitcase kit” at some low key gigs lately. I was digging the sound but wanted something a little more reliable. Spent this weekend putting it together, not completely finished yet but it’s pretty close, I’ll add a port in front for a mic and that’ll be it. I also replaced...
  3. drumbum91

    Recommendations Needed

    Looking for a decent starter/intermediate rig for my son. I can’t afford to spend over 1k, I’ve had a an Alesis DM6 kit before and I wasn’t very impressed. Just looking for something that sounds realistic and will last. Appreciate your feedback in advance!
  4. drumbum91

    Considering Rewrap on Pearl Session Series

    I’m considering doing a wrap job on this Pearl Session Series kit I just picked up. I’ve always wanted a green sparkle or glass kit. Just wondering how the finish would look under stage lights? Looks like the wrap would come off pretty easy and I’m looking at Jammin Sam or Precision. Any other...
  5. drumbum91

    80’s Tama (Imperialstar & Superstar)

    I have some old 80’s Tama stuff that I was considering recovering but I have changed my mind on the project. The superstar shells are in great shape and mostly complete with hardware. Will need some cleaning and few pieces to get them back to work. The Imperialstar steel snare will need pieces...
  6. drumbum91

    1980’s Tama Superstar

    Looking for a 20 or 22” kick drum and a 10 or 12” rack Tom. Preferably in black lacquer and complete with hardware.
  7. drumbum91

    FT MISC Hardware, Soultone Cymbal

    Looking to trade some items I no longer use. -Percussion Plus Hyd Throne w/Backrest -Pearl Demon Drive Single Pedal w/case -Soultone 18” Classic Brilliant Crash I’m looking for some vintage hardware to complete my suitcase kit project. Looking for a light weight hi hat stand, single kick...
  8. drumbum91

    18” Soultone Custom Brilliant RA Crash

    Looking to trade this for Istanbul Agop Sultan Crash or something similar. Will consider all offers.
  9. drumbum91

    Soultone 18” Crash Brilliant

    Looking to sell this cymbal. I’ve had it for a while and it sounds great. No issues with it other than it could use a good cleaning if that’s your thing. $150 shipped
  10. drumbum91

    WTB: Throne & Hardware Case

    Looking for the spinal G throne and a heavy duty bag or case for hardware.
  11. drumbum91

    WTT: Istanbul Agop Sultan

    I’ve got a 22” ride and 15” hi hats to trade. I’m open to anything and will put some cash with it to get a matching HH, Crash, and Ride. I’ve also got a Soultone 18” crash to trade as well. I like them a lot but would like to try something else as it’s not exactly the sound I want. Would like...
  12. drumbum91

    Istanbul Agop Sultan Crashes 17+

    Looking to complete a set up of AGOP sultans. I’d prefer 17&18” crash’s but will accept any offers. Have a soultone 18” brilliant I can trade as well if interested.
  13. drumbum91

    OT - Sortof.. Nashville TN

    Im in Nashville for work this week and I have most afternoons/evenings free. Wondering if any forum members are gigging or if there is anything I should definitely catch while in town this week. I plan to get by forks and cruise Broadway a little.
  14. drumbum91

    Snare Drum Refurb with History

    Backstory is, I sold my very first kit I ever got. My grandparents bought a Pulse percussion kit out of the musicians friend catalog around 12 years ago. I played the hell out of that kit everyday for hours and gigged with it for 6 years or so. My dad and I refinished the shells, took the wrap...
  15. drumbum91

    Snare Drum Parts

    Looking to refurb/pimp the snare that came with my first drum kit. I reluctantly sold the other drums off but kept the snare drum. Looking for the following: Tube Lugs x6 with 2 hole spacing (with tension rods if possible) Batter and Snare Side Hoops 14 6 lug Snare Strainer (2 5/8 spacing)...
  16. drumbum91

    Premier Genista Kit

    I have the newer reissued set of Genista drums in purple fade sparkle. Kit is in good shape for being played constantly for the past 5 years. Im looking at trading them towards a smaller sized kit. These drums are 16x24 bass drum, 5.5x14 snare, 10x13 rack, and 16x16 floor. I have hard cases for...
  17. drumbum91

    Soultone 19” Gospel China

    Looking to trade this cymbal for a 17 or bigger Crash. China is in great shape.
  18. drumbum91

    Fun show last night

    My band does an Elton John tribute show a few times yearly. Usually I play the roadie part and assist with load in because we have Charlie Morgan on drums for this show. First off, what a nice guy! Im a youngin so I didnt get to grow up following any of the legends per say. I really had no clue...
  19. drumbum91

    70's B/O Acrolite 5X14 Snare

    You know the deal here. Snare is in great shape, could probably use new skins but everything is intact. Only moving because I need some congas for an upcoming show and need the funds to purchase a set. Would like to see this thing go ASAP! Ill ship quickly and fully protected. $125 shipped and...
  20. drumbum91


    Looking for a set of congas on the cheap, trade, or possibly borrow for a show coming up. I have some things I could trade if interested. Let me know what ya got!