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  1. SteadyEddie

    Bernard Purdie in NJ

    For all the Jersey guys, or those in the general area, Bernard Purdie will be drumming at Giamano's Restaurant in Bradley Beach on Saturday November 9. BE WARNED this is a VERY small venue. It's a great place to see bands but there is not a lot of space.
  2. SteadyEddie

    "Hey old guy......"

    Last night I subbed in a band that I play with once in a while. They have a steady Saturday night gig at a local college bar down the shore. We play rock covers, dance songs, Johnny Cash, etc. I like the gig because I can rock out and play as loud and crazy as I want. Matter of fact the one...
  3. SteadyEddie

    Busy week in NJ

    I've got 4 gigs with 4 different bands this week. Best part is NO REHEARSALS!!! Actually the best part is all the playing with some really great musicians. Tuesday. 7pm-9:30 with Chuck Lambert at Giamano's in Bradley Beach. Thursday. 9pm-1am with Chris Morrisy at The Mad Matter in Sea...
  4. SteadyEddie

    Busy week in NJ

    I'm playing: Tuesday at Giamano's in Bradley Beach, 7 to 9:30. Wednesday at Asbury Blues in Asbury Park, 8 to midnight. Thursday at The Blue Moon in South Amboy, 8 to midnight. Friday at Adobe Blues in Staten Island, 11pm to 1:30. Saturday at Asbury Blues in Asbury Park, 9 to 1.
  5. SteadyEddie

    Blues Jam in NJ

    I'm the house drummer for the Blues Jam with Chuck Lambert at Asbury Blues on Bangs Ave in Asbury Park. Every Wednesday night from 8pm to midnight. Stop by and sit in. No cover charge. Very nice Gretsch USA custom drumset provided by the club.
  6. SteadyEddie

    New Blues Jam in New Jersey

    There is a open blues jam on Wednesday nights at a new blues club in Asbury Park. The place is called Asbury Blues and is located on Bang Ave. Shore blues artist Chuck Lambert is hosting the jam and I'm playing drums. We start at 8pm and go until midnight. Come on out and sit in with the...
  7. SteadyEddie

    More Ludwigs.

    Went to see Leann Rimes last night in Red Bank. Don't know who the drummer was (she didn't introduce any of the band members) but he was playing ........ LUDWIG drums. Don't shoot me, I'm just the messenger.
  8. SteadyEddie

    Happy birthday Steve Gadd

    April 9, 1945.
  9. SteadyEddie

    One more reason not to use other people's drums.

    Anthrax vaccine, antibiotics offered to 80 in NH By HOLLY RAMER Associated Press Writer CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Antibiotics and vaccines are being offered to about 80 people in New Hampshire as authorities investigate the nation's first known case of gastrointestinal anthrax. Officials...
  10. SteadyEddie

    Very fun gig yesterday.

    The leader of a band I used to play in called wednesday and said his drummer was sick and could I sub for the job on friday. I said sure it sounds like fun. It was an outdoor gig and the weather was beautiful here on friday. Here's a picture of the view from the drum seat. Sometimes living in...
  11. SteadyEddie

    "More snare drum please".

    Some of the bands I've played in are constantly asking me to hit the snare harder because they need to hear it better. Now I think I hit the snare pretty darn hard when I need to. There's an example video on my myspace site. The video is of me playing a rented kit. It had some cheap wood...