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  1. Square

    Good weeks here. New toys, questions and of course pics.

    Got a couple of new goodies this week. A pair of Sabian 14" Vanguard hi-hats. I've been eyeing these for a while. I found a great deal on a NAMM display pair at my local drum shop. I couldn't resist. Shout out to Bentley's in Fresno! I also found a 60s Slingerland snare to match my sparkling...
  2. Square

    1970s Steel or COB Slingerland, Which is it?

    Just looking around and I see this. If it's mislabeled it's a good deal. I think it is... I'm guessing COB but couldn't find this particular set of feature (or lack of) in the catalogs. I'm not interested in a 6.5" (or 7") snare and I just bought a wood Slingerland so I'm passing this along...
  3. Square

    Haven't posted here for a long while... Slingerland Content.

    It's been a while... I recently purchased this 1964 Slingerland Modern Jazz kit, in silver sparkle. I had been wanting a 20,12,14 kit and vintage seemed to fit the bill. My search eventually narrowed to Slingerland and I found this great condition kit of matching drums. Thank you Dana at...