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  1. BCautsDrum

    WANTED. Camco moire orphans.

    Any color, any size! Searching for any color of moire finishes of Camco orphans!
  2. BCautsDrum

    WFL 16x16 floor tom in WMP with nickel hardware !

    Searching for a WFL 16x16 Floor Tom in White Marine Pearl and preferably nickel hardware. PayPal ready!
  3. BCautsDrum

    1960's Zildjian A. 14" Hi Hats

    1960s Zildjian A 14" Hi Hats No Cracks, slight keyhole on the top hat Fair amount of patina here and there Top Weight: 875 Grams Bottom Weight: 1340 Grams These have great stick response and wash. Video available upon request $215 Plus Ship For international shipping, message for...
  4. BCautsDrum

    1960s Ludwig Project Drums! Black and Gold Duco / Bass Drum, Rack and Pioneer Snare

    1960s Ludwig Club Date Project Drums. 14x22 Singe Tension Bass Drum 9x13 Rack Tom 5x14 Pioneer Snare Drum Original Black and Gold Duco Each drum is missing hardware, what you see is what you get. Each drum also has extra holes. This would be a great fixer upper to use in studio or on stage...
  5. BCautsDrum

    Camco Moire Orphans

    Searching for any colors of Moire Camco bass drums or toms / snares! open to any and all sizes.
  6. BCautsDrum

    March Madness Orphan Drum Sale ~ Camco ~ Sonor ~ Ludwig!!!

    Is that green sparkle rack tom available!?
  7. BCautsDrum

    Ludwig Green Sparkle 8"x12" / 14"x14" Toms (or any other sizes)

    Hey guys, huge shot in the dark but im in the market for some 70s or really any era green sparkle Ludwig Toms. preferably 8x12 and 14x14. Small chance but if you got some green sparkle toms id be interested to see what you got!
  8. BCautsDrum

    22" Istanbul Traditional Crash

    Searching for a 22" istanbul agop trad. crash Open for trades
  9. BCautsDrum

    1960s Pre-Serial Paiste Formula 602 14" Hi - Hats and 20" Thin Crash

    I can tomorrow! I can send you via email if you want to Direct Message me your email
  10. BCautsDrum

    1960s Pre-Serial Paiste Formula 602 14" Hi - Hats and 20" Thin Crash

    1960s Paiste Pre-Serial Forumula 602 cymbals for sale. 1960s 14 Paiste Pre-Serial 602 Hi Hats - $300 No Keyholes present No cracks Red stamps still visible Top Hat Weight: 860 Bottom Hat Weight: 920 Great stick definition with tons of wash 1960s 20 Paiste Pre Serial Thin Crash - $150 Red...
  11. BCautsDrum

    paiste 602 18"

    I have a 60s 18 Medium Crash 602. Perfect condition. Red stamps still available. 1570 grams. Message me.
  12. BCautsDrum

    Zildjian 22" Kerope Ride Cymbal 2108 Grams

    Zildjian 22" Kerope Ride Cymbal -$400 OBO This was the first batch after the prototypes, received it from Zildjian before they were released to the public. This is an absolutely amazing sounding cymbal, hurts to let it go but I have my eyes on a few other pieces. Great wash, really opens...
  13. BCautsDrum

    Camco Oaklawn White Moire 14x14 Floor Tom in Trade for 14x14 Sky Blue Pearl Floor Tom

    I have a 60s Oaklawn 14x14 Tuxedo Sky Blue Pearl floor tom that I am looking to trade for a 14x14 Oaklawn White Moire Tuxedo. I know it is a long shot, but let me know!
  14. BCautsDrum

    60s Ludwig Clubdate Claws & T Handles, Spurs. Slingerland Claws & T Handles

    In need of 16 Nickel Club Date Claws and T-Handles, as well as 2 telescoping spur mounts and spurs. 60s era. Also, 8 Chrome Slingerland Claws and T Handles, 70s era.
  15. BCautsDrum

    8x12 / 14x14 Ludwig Black and Gold Duco Toms Wanted

    In search of 8x12 rack tom and 14x14 floor tom, Ludwig in any condition.
  16. BCautsDrum

    Pair of 17" wood hoops.

    Shot in the dark but looking for a pair of 17" wood hoops to turn a tenor drum into a little kick drum. Any color will do. Cash ready.
  17. BCautsDrum

    SLINGERLAND PARTS NEEDED! (Tom mount, hoops)

    SLINGERLAND PARTS NEEDED Entire 70s swivomatic tom mount system (bass mount, arm and two tom mounts) 10 claws and ts 12/13/16 hoops (one each) 22" hoop (sky blue pearl inlay or no inlay) Cash ready. DM if you got em!
  18. BCautsDrum


    Yes they have a few spots. Under the lugs especially. It's pretty faded.
  19. BCautsDrum


    Tall order but in need for a Ludwig Black Galaxy Sparkle Club Date floor tom. 14x14. Cash ready.
  20. BCautsDrum


    16" Floor Tom needed to go along with this 26/13". Faded Gold Sparkle, more of a "peanut butter" fade color, will be a hard match but open to options. Any leads appreciated! Photo for color reference. Cash ready.