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    How thin is too thin for a stave drum shell?

    I’m in the process of constructing a stave drum shell, and looks like once it’s finished routing out the inside so that it’s in round it will only be about 5/16’s’s not a whole lot thinner than the 3/8’s I was going for, but even that is kinda thin I that going to be too...
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    WTB - 15" A Zildjian Trans Stamp bottom hat

    hey there, I'm looking for a 15" A Zildjian Trans Stamp bottom hat (pre-Trans would be cool too) to a range of weights, just not super thin (I already have those), anything over 900g or so should work, even a quite heavy one is probably close to exactly 15" is preferred to match...
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    WTB Ludwig 14" single-flanged NOB batter hoop

    hello, I'm looking for a 14" single-flanged NOB batter hoop for a 20's era Ludwig Universal should be clean, round, flat, free of cracks, etc...if anyone has one available, please hit me up, thanks!!
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    50's A Zildjian Hollow Block Hi-Hats (and other small diameters)

    well I've had some old-school Cymbalholic fun with the Pre-Trans rides thread, so I thought I'd do another similar one while the larger diameter rides are very rare in the Pre-Trans era, smaller diameter crashes and hats are comparatively rare in the mid-50's Hollow Block era, for very...
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    large Pre-Trans A Zildjian rides (aka 1st or 2nd Stamps)

    hey ya'll, Adam here, been lurking around for some time and finally decided to stop being a creeper and say hi...I see some old buds from the Cymbalholic days are here, whattup Tom (@TPC), Pat (@jptrickster) and Oren (@owr), hope you're all well and safe! so I wanted to share a very rare cymbal...