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  1. antipodes

    Rogers bread & butter lug fix - need pix!!!

    I've recently acquired a Cleveland Rogers Holiday kit with bread and butter lugs. Unsurprisingly some are cracked...on the bass drum quite a few. Many years ago, before I was a Rogers owner, I would see posts like this one in here and elsewhere about a fix using auto putty and various...
  2. antipodes

    Wanting to buy Ludwig or similar kit in LA or SF

    I'm making one of my rarer trips from Sydney, Australia to the US west coast, starting on 1 September in San Francisco and returning from Los Angeles on 12 September. I am very keen to buy at least one vintage 50s 60s or early 70s kit with or without a snare drum. I'm also possibly interested...
  3. antipodes

    ID on a vintage throne

    Got sold this as a Camco (which it isn't) some years ago. Always presumed it was MIJ but the more I look at the chrome and work on the seat, I now think it's probably US (which is where I bought it). Any ideas?
  4. antipodes

    Ian Paice's double-stacked cymbals

    As a kid I was always a bit fascinated by the two cymbals on one stand thing that Ian Paice had. Now, I know with the wildly sophisticated stand extensions we have these days this (and almost anything else) is possible. What I'm curious about is how did he (or anyone else) do it back then? I...
  5. antipodes

    Camco internal dampers - changes over the years

    Let's talk about Camcointernal dampers. I haven't had any on my kit apart from on all the snares but I've decided to put them on now. The earlier Oaklawns seem to have had a slightly smaller space between the barrel and the screw immediately above. Anyone know roughly when the spacing...
  6. antipodes

    The first Ringo kit auction link

    "Upon examination it was found that various hardware pieces from the kits had been misplaced or lost....."
  7. antipodes

    Vintage Naugahyde drum cases

    This may seem really odd but I like the old-school American naugahyde (vinyl fake leather) cases, ideally just one size too big for my drums (easier to slip on and off). On the off chance does anyone have any (not too trashed) for a 20" x 14" bass drum and an 18" floor tom? If you've got...
  8. antipodes

    Name this Slingerland finish

    Am currently on a business trip in Europe and popped into one of my favourite drum shops in Copenhagen, Denmark where I spied this presumably 1970s Slingerland kit in an apparent beige Naugahyde which I'm told is original. Any idea what it's called?
  9. antipodes

    Camco direct drive hi-hat - replacement spring

    Did a gig the other night and whilst taking down my Camco flat-base direct drive hi-hat stand, rather than unscrewing in the middle (as would normally happen), it spontaneously unscrewed at the pedal. Unexpected but bundled everything up with the intention of sorting it out when I got home...
  10. antipodes

    Camco stands - comparative weights flat against braced

    OK, doesn't get much more obscure than this. Has anyone separately weighed their Camco stands? I've been running two bags of hardware - one for the gentler jazz gigs (flat bases), one for the tougher gigs where single braces are the order of the day. But it just occurred to me there might not...
  11. antipodes

    Swivo-matic 331 cymbal holders for a Camco

    I've put Swivo fittings back on my Camco kit - it's a re-wrap and originally had Swivo parts (at some point before I owned them). I never had any but finally took the time and money to track them down. I occasionally use a 20" bass drum to the right and an 18" to the left (more because it looks...
  12. antipodes

    Camco Oaklawn - larger drum sizes

    There's been a lot of debate following the Not So Modern Drummer Camco stories about the larger drum sizes during the Oaklawn period. I owned a 24" x 18" late Oaklawn bass drum and there's another one floating around - both made from two shallower shells put together with a central glue ring as...
  13. antipodes

    Geo. Way Tuxedo kit re-issue

    I guess this should technically speaking go under General but most of the people interested in the Geo. Way brand are going to be over here. So Ron Dunnett looks like he's finally getting the Geo. Way full kits underway. Has anyone been at any of the trade...
  14. antipodes

    Nice piece from Not So Modern Drummer on Camco

    Disagree on the whole 24" bass drum thing from Oaklawn but otherwise a great summary of what it's all about.
  15. antipodes

    Ludwig floor tom legs - vintage?

    I'm a bit of a pathetic ignoramus on anything but the most obvious Ludwig stuff. I've got these 3 floor tom legs I intend to sell but have no idea what period they are, if there's a brand/moniker/model or frankly anything else about them. I'm guessing early 70s because they're extra long and...
  16. antipodes

    Chrome vs wood hoops on bass drums

    Just seeing this ebay add below (not thinking of buying, just gawking and comparing to my main kit, which closely resembles this) got me to thinking about the whole bass drum hoop thing...
  17. antipodes

    T-rod thread problem - Camco

    I've had some problems with a few t-rods (acquired comparatively recently) for one of my two Camco bass drums - essentially there's five that seem to have a thread marginally too wide for what I've always perceived as "standard thread" lug nuts. I've now taken all heads off both drums and have...
  18. antipodes

    Slightly OT - drums and views

    I'm lucky enough to live in a city (Sydney) with a couple of iconic, not to mention conveniently close, landmarks, the Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. I did a corporate gig on Friday and this was the view - bridge to the left, Opera House to the right. No real need to comment...just wanted...
  19. antipodes

    We've got our own movie "Whiplash"

    By all accounts tearing it up at this year's Sundance Film Festival, I'm curious to see it when it gets a general release. I hope they do the subject matter justice if even in a Black Swan kinda way as the reviewer here suggests. "Whiplash": Blood on the drum kit -...
  20. antipodes

    Premier slotted tuning pegs

    I'm helping out a guitarist friend who's managed to score 3/4 of one of these fine Premier "54" outfits in BDP. He got it for a great price (and in Australia that's no mean feat) but it is missing a lot of the tuning pegs from the bottom of the 16"-ish floor tom. I've had these drums way, way...