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    First World Mini-Rant

    how about just a little less Velcro? I'm guessing there is more there than you actually need, and maybe leaving just a little bit would still do the same job in avoiding the creep, while making it a bit easier to adjust slightly if necessary
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    “Hot-Rodding” Bearing Edges

    I have a SSB Gretsch kit I just had the edges re-done my case, these drums were cobbled together orphans to form the 8/10/12/14/16/20 set, not factory matched, and a mix of both early SSB edges which have outside roundovers like RB have, as well as the inside 30 degree edges that Gretsch...
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    there is a line from an episode of Seinfeld's "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee" where he is talking about a very special Porsche 911 (a 1973 Carrera RS) goes: "what if, at just the right time, just the right people, made just the right thing...what if it came out so right that no matter...
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    Vintage A. Zildjians 17" & 19" - Experiences/Thoughts?

    here's the old thread with a bunch more
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    Vintage A. Zildjians 17" & 19" - Experiences/Thoughts?

    yup, as Oren mentioned, I have a pair of 14's currently...previously had another pair, and once passed on buying a 3rd pair...they're very scarce, but they are out there...I've only ever seen 1 pair of 15's, and I have seen a single 13 too...16's are very scarce as well, I happen to have 2 that...
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    Looking for vintage zildjian A date, 24”

    I’m viewing on a phone so can only zoom in so much, but I’m pretty sure I see the 3 dots in the script which would be the 60’s stamp, correct me if I’m wrong, if they’re not there then 50’s small stamp...lathing to me looks more 60’s as well, but an underside photo would be more
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    How thin is too thin for a stave drum shell?

    thanks for all the answers so far guys, much appreciated! so if I'm understanding, 5/16th's (or just a hair under 8mm) might still be ok, but definitely wouldn't recommend going any thinner
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    How thin is too thin for a stave drum shell?

    I’m in the process of constructing a stave drum shell, and looks like once it’s finished routing out the inside so that it’s in round it will only be about 5/16’s’s not a whole lot thinner than the 3/8’s I was going for, but even that is kinda thin I that going to be too...
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    Local drummer passes, and I've been asked to help the widow valuate this Sonor kit from the 90s.

    all other nonsense on this thread aside, that's a pretty great Yogi Berra-ism right there
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    How to Torture a Drummer...

    luckily Sam was a little late opening that day and wasn't in the shop when the lady came on some sick way I kinda wanted to hear what that sounded like...that gate was the front door, and the shop was full of drum kits in the middle there
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    Drum design flaws— double down

    had one exactly like that, terribly unstable, fell off and almost tore myself another hole you know where!
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    Why should I use nuts on my cymbals?

    on the home kit, no nuts...I swap out cymbals often enough on the home kit that they are just annoying (and yes, I'm THAT lazy) for my gigging kit, yes I use nuts...but honestly, they are there mostly for when the the stands are packed up and in the hardware bag, so that I don't lose the very...
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    Ruining the value of an expensive cymbal

    I like it better already, keep ruining!
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    Local drummer passes, and I've been asked to help the widow valuate this Sonor kit from the 90s.

    that one does appear to be unsold says "listing ended" whereas it would say "listing sold" if it actually sold what I'm unclear on, is if an offer is accepted on an item and it sells, is the price adjusted to reflect what the agreed sale price was? or does it still display the asking...
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    Local drummer passes, and I've been asked to help the widow valuate this Sonor kit from the 90s.

    correct, the asking prices of what is currently listed for sale only gives you so much info, and people often have very unrealistic asking should be looking at the SOLD listings to see what people have actually paid recently for things...both ebay and reverb have better...
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    Hey DFO, it’s the official Summit Drums SNARE DRUM TOUR!

    jokes aside, he will build out drums with any hardware you want, he chose to use Pearl hardware on this one, big whoop...if YOU pony up and actually order a snare, YOU get to choose whatever hardware YOU want
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    OT: New cars and “the chips”

    right because Toyota's obvious have no tech in them, spot on there, my friend.
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    OT: New cars and “the chips”

    Long before car manufacturers are able to “make new cars like we used to” (sidenote, they can’t), the chips will be readily available again
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    Anyone use a snare side rim on the batter side?

    Have you tried posting a wanted ad here? Somebody has got to have extras laying around
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    Anyone use a snare side rim on the batter side?

    TF = triple flanged Haven’t tried it, but have no reason to think it wouldn’t be fine, you should just be sure to position it so that you’re not hitting the snare channels with your sticks on rimshots, could dent them easily probably, plus it’d probably sound off