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  1. Masecar

    16" Sabian AA Bright Crash Natural Finish

    Title says it all. I'm actually looking for two of them, I think. The small medium weight crash with the big bell, in natural finish. Located in NC, USA.
  2. Masecar

    YYZ - Full Band Cover - Live in Raleigh

    From the second of the two shows we played on May 29th at the Lincoln Theatre in Raleigh NC. It's always a blast to be able to bring classic tunes like this one out into the public, and it's a great feeling to know that we can actually play them well! And of course, that's just about the...
  3. Masecar

    Plexi madness with an amp I built

    My New Year's resolution last year was to build a tube amp. Originally it was going to be a Deluxe Reverb, but after some soul searching I really found that I was missing that Marshall kerrang, so I debated building a Lead, or a Bass, or a JTM45... until I found this Ceriatone All Access Plexi...
  4. Masecar

    The ultimate chorus pedal

    As a huge Rush fan, I've always loved Lifeson's guitar tone, especially from A Farewell to Kings through Signals. There's a certain chorus sound on those records that I haven't found in any pedal I've ever played in a store, so I ordered a PastFX Chorus Ensemble to fill the role of Lifeson's...
  5. Masecar

    Two 1.5-hour Rush Sets with Cygnus X-2 • May 29 • Lincoln Theatre, Raleigh NC

    Hey there everybody, if you haven't noticed, my profile pic is a kit of gargantuan proportions... and it exists for a reason. I have a Rush tribute called Cygnus X-2 which will be playing two hour-and-a-half-long sets on Saturday, May 29th. No doubt most of you are scattered across the globe...
  6. Masecar

    16" Sabian AA Bright Crash, N&C die cast 14" bottom

    Hey there, I'm on the hunt for a couple oddball things: 1: a Noble & Cooley 14-inch 10-hole die cast hoop in chrome. The old school style with the half-hex tension rod tabs 2: TWO decent 16" Sabian AA Bright Crashes. The now discontinued model with the big bell. Potentially interested in a 16...
  7. Masecar

    Conga heads... what's loud?

    I joined a latin jazz group about a year ago after filling in for their former drummer, a friend of mine, about a half dozen times, and getting along with everyone. We're all good friends, and we play well together. We have a conga player who's a good bit older than the rest of, and he's great...
  8. Masecar

    Ludwig Classic Oak 22/13/16 in Tennessee Whiskey

    I make demonstration videos for 2112 Percussion when I'm not teaching (which... isn't currently), and the shop recently received a sizeable shipment of Ludwig drum kits, including this Classic Oak that immediately caught my eye with its matching inner and outer finish. Turns out these drums...
  9. Masecar

    Jacob's Ladder - Full Band Rush Cover

    I've got a Rush tribute act called Cygnus X-2, and even though there's no chance to play real shows we are still doing homework, learning tunes, and playing them on Twitch once a month. Our next show is this Sunday, the 20th, at 7PM Eastern, where we will be playing the long-form tunes we know...
  10. Masecar

    By-Tor and the Snow Dog

    We're doing a Cygnus X-2 stream on December 20th where we play the epic tunes (, and I've been wanting to learn this one for ages, so even though it's not twenty minutes we're adding it to the set. Which means I have to learn it! And it's easy enough to make a video, so...
  11. Masecar

    Ludwig Standard in Blue Strata 22/12/13/14/16

    Asking $1600. Located in Raleigh, NC, but I'm willing to drive up to 500 miles to bring the kit to you Sizes are 22x14, 12x8, 13x9, 14x14, and 16x16. The 14" floor tom is exceptionally rare, and these are all of the tom sizes offered for this line! So this is a kick and FOUR toms featuring the...
  12. Masecar

    Playing Rush's Permanent Waves on the Internet

    Hi everyone, I've got a Rush tribute act called Cygnus X-2, and we've been doing a series of online concerts from my studio. I've got the whole big spaceship drum kit miked up properly, we've got stereo guitars, a Rickenbacker bass, stereo keyboards, and four cameras. This evening we'll be...
  13. Masecar

    Yamaha Maple Custom lugs

    Hey everyone, I recently acquired a Maple Custom snare that needs some work, including new lugs. So I'm looking for a few lugs, in any fully working condition. Must be the later version, with the mount screw at the bottom of the lug. Thanks - Ryan