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    Let's Guess what Steve Jordan's drums..

    On one of the Winos tours he borrowed Charlie’s black nitron gretsch toms with a different BD thrown in. I suspect Keith will weigh in on the choice of drums since he likes to camp out in front of the Bass Drum!
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    Let's Guess what Steve Jordan's drums..

    I wonder if he will go with the 22” BD or the smaller 20” he uses on the Clapton tours. Probably something like he used with the Winos….
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    Bass Drum adder for DW Performance Bop Kit?

    I wish that was an option but DW only makes a 16x20 in the performance series. I guess I could get it cut down if I didn’t like the sound.
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    Bass Drum adder for DW Performance Bop Kit?

    I was looking to buy another bass drum for my DW Performance Bop Kit - (12/14/18) to add versatility on Rock and Blues gigs. Trying to decide between the 14 x 22 or the 16 x 20. What do you think is the best choice overall for versatility and portability at gigs?
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    Piano Black vs Black Diamond Pearl

    Black Cortex mid-70’s
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    Mid-life crisis? Starting guitar in my late 50s

    Do it. It will make you a better musician and another good hobby. I picked up the Guitar in my mid-40s and have been playing electric in a band for over 13 years. I’m 60 now and still play drums well. When you get ready old it might be the only instrument you can play.
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    What Movies Used a Wrong-Period Drum Set? Add Your Favorites

    Speaking of Maxwells, I just hope this kit makes it into the Many Saints of Newark movie coming out this September. I’ve been waiting since I picked it up in NYC since 2019. And then delayed a year due to the virus.....
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    Ludwig 60s vs DW

    I have a Ludwig 60's mahogany 13/16/22 and a 70's Blue Olive badge maple 13/16/22. Both 3 ply. The mahogany set is mellower a bit, same shells as Joe Morello and Ringo. The B/O maple I have gigged for 40+ years and always sounds great, Bonham, Simon Kirke, Kenny Jones type) just use some newer...
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    Buddy...I was listening last night, and BAM!

    Wow! awseome one of Buddy's best. Love the cymbal work and left hand early on. Looks like early 70's blue/olive 3plys. A lot of poeple say he sounded best on Slingerlands but this sounds really good. But then I am biased. Is that a regular Supraphonic 5 x 14 or something else?
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    What is the "hands down" best sounding Ludwig snare?

    My new 5x14 Black Beauty tube lug. Can’t take it out of the stand. But now I have to try a hammered bronze it looks like!
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    If Drum Kits Sound So Similar - Gretsch

    And who wants to lug around diecast hoops to a gig unless you have a roadie. That’s why vintage Ludwigs have the edge. Great sound and really easy to hall.
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    Guitar Playing Drummer

    Same here. I am a much better drummer but have been gigging steadily for 12 years playing guitar and vocals in classic rock bands.
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    Best Recorded Overall Drum Kit Sounds

    - Charlie's snare sound from Some Girls on up has been killer in my opinion. Nice and woody crack - Beast of Burden for example. - Joe Morello - Dave Brubeck Quartet live at Carnegie Hall - Bonzo - When the Levee Breaks - Billy Martin - Shack Man and John Scofield's A-GO-Go - Thirty Days in...
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    Rock Drummers who actually used Rolls

    I remember Ringo saying that he actually could not do a proper “press” role as he called it. I don’t think I ever heard him use one in the Beatles catalogue or Charlie Watts for that matter. Bonham could do it. I think it really adds another dimension to throw them in rock tunes when...