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  1. ian.thomas

    CVL Legno shells… anyone have experience?

    Never heard of them, but they look nice
  2. ian.thomas

    To Cut or Not to Cut?

    Can't get them new any longer
  3. ian.thomas

    To Cut or Not to Cut?

    What finish/color is your set? If it's the emerald fade I 'may' be able to find someone that would trade. And the location is relatively close to Indianapolis.
  4. ian.thomas

    Noble and Cooley 5”SOLD

    @NobleCooleyNut - I've been thinking of this drum ever since Scott sent me the link and I was looking the old post over the weekend. If the reverb deal falls through let me know .... I may be able to pull it off. Thanks
  5. ian.thomas

    Tama 80’s Bell Brass replica

    Sorry if I missed it, but what method did you use to create the patina? Drum looks and sounds fantastic!
  6. ian.thomas

    Any stick-shift drivers in the forums?

    Yep! '08 BMW M3 (V8 6 speed) and '91 BMW 850 (V12 6 speed)
  7. ian.thomas

    INDe 15x5.5 Kalamazoo Bronze - Anyone playing one?

    I've been wanting a 15" snare for some time now, but not sure which drum (not a lot of options). I keep going back to the INDe 15x5.5 Kalamazoo Bronze, but this is only based on Josh's reputation, drum looks, reviews of the 14", and I want to play one of his drums with the infinite snare bed...
  8. ian.thomas

    Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass

    Yep! I told him that too!
  9. ian.thomas

    8 or 10 lug snare.

    What's the drum used for? Orchestral work, 10 lug because it can tune higher without chocking. Everything else, 8 lug.
  10. ian.thomas

    Lars Ulrich Black Album 30th Anniversary Snare (Limited to 300) $1,299.99

    $1,300 .... that's nothing. Here's the deal of the day >>>
  11. ian.thomas

    Modern Drummer cease shipping Print issues outside the USA

    Last time I called America's customer service everyone was very helpful and resolved my issues immediately.
  12. ian.thomas

    Josh Freese Joining The Offspring Tour Reminds Us There's Not a More "Go-To" Drummer Today

    It seems Josh has been the go to guy for the last 20 years.
  13. ian.thomas

    Modern Drummer cease shipping Print issues outside the USA

    I honestly didn't know MD was still in print.
  14. ian.thomas

    Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass

    I also told Scott to keep it because he'll never find another. And I mentioned that if I ever buy that set from him I'll want the 18!
  15. ian.thomas

    Yamaha Live Custom Oak Bass

    Oh man!! That is a beautiful color! If I had the matching set I would for sure get this ... $525 all in, for a FACTORY, 18" BASS DRUM is a FANTASTIC PRICE! GLWS!!
  16. ian.thomas

    Where the lefties/southpaws at???

    I have. It's kinda funny during a quite part of the tune you hear pins falling.
  17. ian.thomas

    18” Floor tom to bass drum conversion

    All great advise above. From the original post, you said you were 'not going to use a riser'. I would keep an open mind to that. I didn't use one on my 18" FT conversion, but then I got one and it sounded so much better having the beater hit center.
  18. ian.thomas

    Decision Time....

    ok, so you are not looking for a solid shell drum, you are looking for a ply drum made out of only one type of wood - correct?
  19. ian.thomas

    Decision Time....

    I'm confused - Are you wanting a sold shell drum (in bold above), or are you saying you want one, great backup drum?
  20. ian.thomas

    Bass Drum Reso-Head Band Logo

    Looks good. I, and many others on the forum, have used