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  1. NobleCooleyNut

    INDe Cymbal Gummies!

    That is so not like you to be contrary about anything Joe
  2. NobleCooleyNut

    Show us your birds eye view pics

    From a NYE gig a few years back - this is my former TRS Custom Drums kit - a small boutique builder a few minutes from my house .
  3. NobleCooleyNut

    Black Beauty Snare Size & Lugs?

    I bought a 5” Black Beauty with chrome Imperial lugs , P85 and triple flange hoops . It was a great drum but I love the look of brass on the black nickel plated shell. I had made arrangements to have John Aldridge engrave the drum for me . I mentioned my preference for brass hoops , P86 etc and...
  4. NobleCooleyNut

    Neil Peart's Snares Go Up for Auction Sunday 8 AM EDT @ SOULDRUMS in Toronto

    I was told that these snares are Lorne Wheaton’s snares ( Neil’s Drum tech’s) that were given to him after Neil’s passing . I believe the proceeds go to him not the family . I was told this by someone that did repair work for Lorne/Neil .
  5. NobleCooleyNut

    Ordering lead times for new drums

    Oh really ? It was about 10 months for my 10” add on CD Maples tom to arrive . Standard Honey maple gloss lacquer finish . Any add on drums I ordered from N&C were all about 9 months delivery time .
  6. NobleCooleyNut

    Go to Set Up for 6.5 Ludwig Black Beauty

    Coated Remo CS batter with white dot not the black dot ( they do sound different ) . Ludwig X-thin snare side head . Canopus Vintage snare wires ( they make a big difference. The Black Beauty is my favourite metal shell snare . I like it so much I sold all my other Ludwig metal shell snare drums .
  7. NobleCooleyNut

    Axis & Trick bass pedals!

    I have also owned the Pro 1v and Few of the Acis model pedals . I far prefer the Axis . I really disliked the compression spring of the Trick pedal . I disliked how the action kept getting heavier as the beater got closer to the batter head . I thought the Axis is easier to play and feels better...
  8. NobleCooleyNut

    Pasite 2002's vs Rude's vs Giant Beats

    I have been a long time Paiste user - I have had sets of all the Pro level lines at one time or another . The 602s have been my cymbals since they came back but recently I have decided to make a change . I have gone with a mixed assortment of Traditional , Masters and 602 ME for the foreseeable...
  9. NobleCooleyNut

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    Picked up an 18” Paiste PST-X thin from forum member Murat . I have come to appreciate what these and the Sabian O-Zone can bring to the table .
  10. NobleCooleyNut

    Been a Long Time since Posting - just wanted to show off my new - Old Sonor Kit

    Wonderful acquisition ! Sonor and Beech are like Peanut Butter and Jam . They just go together . Enjoy those beauties
  11. NobleCooleyNut

    What's your latest drum purchase?

    I know but Sweetwater isn’t.
  12. NobleCooleyNut

    Drum heads

    The Ambassador X heads are a great compromise head - the durability of a two ply head with the more resonant quality of a single ply head .
  13. NobleCooleyNut

    Drum heads

    Are you referring to the Ambassador X models ?
  14. NobleCooleyNut

    Sad news, Jim Petty has died.

    Very sad news indeed .
  15. NobleCooleyNut

    Poll: What Size Bass Drum do you Prefer?

    20 x 14 is my preferred bass drum size . It can cover anything I would probably do these days . My second favourite size is 24 x 14 . I love moving all that air !!
  16. NobleCooleyNut

    Gretsch finishes

    Caribbean Blue was my favourite finish till they introduced Caribbean Twilight this year.
  17. NobleCooleyNut

    Cymbals you want to not like…but like

    O-Zone and PST-x type cymbals with the holes punched out . Normally just on appearance I would probably ignore them but they have sonic properties that I find pleasing . They have trash but are not gongy and harsh like atypical China cymbals .
  18. NobleCooleyNut

    SOLD *** Beautful 6X14" Summit Mahogany Single Ply Snare, serial #91

    Summit Drums are some of the finest built drums I have ever seen and this snare is no exception . This is a no brainer purchase folks - you will love this drum .
  19. NobleCooleyNut

    Old habits (and G.A.S.) are hard to break

    I have bought/traded for and sold so many kits in the last 15 years or so it has become ridiculous . I am not bragging at all . I have seen some fabulous kits come and go for various reasons . I have been a champion for boutique manufacturers for awhile ( Summit, INDe, Whitney and if course...
  20. NobleCooleyNut

    Back-up gear (what do you take/stories)

    I have a Beato combo bag that holds two snare drums . I bring a metal and wood shell snare to each gig . I have the Aquarian patches for bass drum and tom/snares . I also have a spare folding Sonor Perfect Balance pedal that stays in the car . some other items I have available Drum keys Extra...