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  1. Tama CW

    Collabs with Britney Spears, Demi Lovato and Little Nas X: Is Travis Barker Redefining Drummer Success?

    I'm sure being married for 4 yrs to actress Shanna Moakler (Miss USA 1995) with a reality TV show and all the connections that resulted didn't hurt his career any.
  2. Tama CW

    Little help dating this Rogers dyna-sonic wood snare

    At serial 2407 it's probably 1963....but could fall into later 1962. The lugs changed over right around the 2700 number. Either way it doesn't affect the value. Very desirable snare and it looks great. Interior is killer. Any corner/edge cracks on those lugs? It's almost impossible...
  3. Tama CW

    how much would you pay for late 50s era zildjian??

    Seller doesn't have a pair of trans stamps. It's a mixed stamp pairing. So the best you could say is that they "look" to be a matched, orig set "of 50's hats" based on assessing various inputs. If you honestly can't say that, then they are a put together pair of diff stamps....and not worth...
  4. Tama CW

    how much would you pay for late 50s era zildjian??

    Can't nail the values without weights. And ultimately, sound can drive the price too. That 22 ride could be worth more than $150 if on the lighter to thin side. The hi hats definitely need to be weighed. Though you do know one of them is stamped "medium." And that one is an early...
  5. Tama CW

    Very Cool Walberg and Auge Kit Nearby

    $1000 would be ok for me if exceptionally clean maple shells, original parts,.....and they sound as good or better than a 60's Ludwig club date kit.
  6. Tama CW

    What are 20" Istanbul K Zildjians selling for these days?

    While stamp and weight tend to drive the price.....some do sound better than others. The better sounding ones with the right combination of lows, mids, highs tend to bring the strongest prices from sellers who know what they have. Price-wise, I would lump the intermediates and new stamps (1960...
  7. Tama CW


    Anyone ever held or actually purchased/received a Tonum cymbal? Here are links on Reverb to one being sold and one that did sell...
  8. Tama CW

    K Istanbul Zildjian (Old K) multiple rides and hi hats offering

    Selling lot hot cakes.......nicely done.
  9. Tama CW

    Your latest cymbal purchase.....

    "Box of cymbals." The seller's offering was for 60's and 70's cymbals with issues. And the photo below is theirs. Certainly older looking than 1960's. Was figuring at least 3 trans stamps. Turned out to be 3 trans stamps and one 60's. And if you look closely at that photo, you can...
  10. Tama CW

    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    If we take Thomast's exponential range of 2.3 to 2.8 and apply it to the 20 to 22 inch ratio.........the range of multipliers is 1.245 - 1.306. Which is a range of 5%....or theoretically say plus/minus 2.5% from mid-point. On a 2000 gm 20" cymbal we're looking at approx 50 gm...
  11. Tama CW

    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    Yes, it was that typo that flagged it for me. And since you were taking the data directly off your charts, I just assumed the charts must have had the same computational errors throughout them. So not a problem after all. To me 2259 gm vs. 2262 gm is irrelevant and well inside the error of...
  12. Tama CW

    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    I've audited my numbers. Did them by hand and using on line exponential calculators (enter 2 numbers....x to the y power)....identical results for a 20 to 22 inch cymbal. Logically, 1.1 x 1.1 x 1.05 (allometric or 2.5 exponential formula)............ would be 5% more than 1.1 x 1.1...
  13. Tama CW

    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    Yeah. I must be missing something here too. Because 1.1 to the 2.5 power is 1.27. So a 1780 gm 20" cymbal would ratio up to 2261 gm using the 2.5 allometric power. And the square formula gives you 1.21. The difference between the 2 methods is very close to 5% or 75-150 gms for these...
  14. Tama CW

    This is so dumb. Drum stool question

    I've had a couple high end spindle thrones (Tama and Gibraltar) where this has occurred. Since I don't gig, I just leave them alone. Still don't know why my Tama Titan top won't come off....and not too concerned about it. Someday I'll dive into it OR break out the sledge
  15. Tama CW

    Having UPS, FedEx, etc. do the packing.

    Packing wood drums has a lot more risk than cymbals. I've probably had a 100 cymbals shipped to me and sent out just as many. And no matter how good or bad the cymbals were packed, none ever arrived damaged. A number of them have arrived sticking out of the box. Numerous pizza boxes used...
  16. Tama CW

    Cymbal Weight Equivalence

    There are probably a number of threads discussing that topic. If I recall correctly it's a 2.5 "exponential" formula. In other words between "area" (squared) and "volume" (cubed). That means the cymbal dimensions are being estimated between a totally flat object and one with some volume...
  17. Tama CW

    Poll: What Size Bass Drum do you Prefer?

    I'd say 22".....but it has to be a 12x22. Never had a use for a depth deeper than 14" on any bass drum. If not that, then probably a 20".
  18. Tama CW

    Tom Depths

    Fiddle a lot more with the tension and head selection on that 12 before giving up on it. Usually going higher in tension to get "tone." On 12x8 toms I've had before I've never really liked them with 2 ply heads, and especially pin stripes or CS dots. Ambassadors seem to work best for me...
  19. Tama CW

    Values of NOS snares, and drums

    The one problem with "NOS" is that people have varying definitions of that term. For vintage drums it would include "shelf" wear or handling as it was moved from place to place. "New" and "New Old Stock" are not the same thing. I've had "NOS" items sent to me that had enough wear and tear...
  20. Tama CW

    Owning/Gigging both a Supraphonic and an Acrolite

    I've had '64, '67 Supra's.....and '67 Acro, 90's Blackcro. Only the '64 Supra remains. Just got tired of the other 3. The Acro's never quite made me happy....too dry....not enough ring. In place of an Acro today is a '70 Slingerland 8 lug Aluminum.....has the extra ring and rim crack I...