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  1. aparker2005

    Masterwork 22" Blank

    Just got this beast in from a recommendation on this forum. What an absolutely crazy amazing cymbal. I'm a loyal Zildjian guy, but these things just sounded too good. This is what the Zildjian Raw crash should have been. Thin, nasty, trashy, ugly, bent, but with smooth edges! Pick up one from...
  2. aparker2005

    '21 Carter Beauford kit updates

    For anyone who keeps up and is a Carter fan, here's my replica update with his changes for this year!
  3. aparker2005

    New Ludwig Polarphonic Brass

    Seems Ludwig is doing a lot of new color options on seamless brass lately. I'm loving the looks of this one!
  4. aparker2005

    Wtb: Zildjian. ZHT 16" EFX

    Anyone have one of these lying around? Budget cymbals I know, but they sound decent enough! Not really wanting to spend the extra for an a custom 16, but let me know if you have either one. Thanks!
  5. aparker2005

    SOLD: 18" Zildjian Azuka Salsa Timbale Cymbal

    Selling this excellent condition, long discontinued 18" Zildjian Azuka Salsa Timbale Cymbal. No cracks dents or keyhole. Very thin and opens up easily! Thought I'd use this one a lot more, but my other cymbals fit together more. This one is just sitting. Asking 180 and shipping to the lower 48!
  6. aparker2005

    10" Zildjian A Flash for 10" K

    Hey guys! I've got a 10" A Flash splash (brilliant bell, traditional body) that is a little bright for what I like. Looking to trade for a newer logo 10" K splash. Pm if interested, thank you!
  7. aparker2005

    Smallest kit I've ever used

    My band had an acoustic, stripped down show last night for the first time in a while. It was really fun to scale the kit down and have a much different approach. Used brushes and rods all night. My 20" K sweet crash doubled perfectly as a crash and ride for this show. The 10" versa stack and...
  8. aparker2005

    LP 13x5.5 Steel Drumset Timbale

    Selling an excellent condition 13x5.5 LP Drumset Timbale. No mount on this one. I sat it in a snare basket myself. Sounds excellent! Used pearl Timbale head on it. Asking $65 and 25 shipping to the lower 48.
  9. aparker2005

    FINALLY got a full road case!

    Hey guys! Very excited to finally have my own all in one drum road case! I've been wanting one of these for a long time. Lugging around a lot of bags and multiple trips has gotten old. This is for my Crutchfield kit, consisting of kick, snare, 3 Toms, clap stack, timbale, and cymbals. Not very...
  10. aparker2005

    Videos from our show with Crowder!

    I think I posted a few of these in the general discussion, but thought I'd post here as well! Never had my kit, and my ear mix sounding this good!
  11. aparker2005

    22" KCon Overhammered Thin arrives tomorrow!

    Hey guys! Got another beauty arriving tomorrow just in time for a big 4th of July show this weekend! I've been LOVING my 22" rides as crashes for this particular kit. They are huge, warm, lush, everything I've been looking for in big crash cymbals. I think I've been pretty lucky with the...
  12. aparker2005

    Amazing show yesterday! (Opened for Crowder!)

    Hey guys! Had a huge show yesterday and had to share some pics and video. We were able to open for Crowder again at our big theme park here in Arkansas. It was a wet day with 80% chance of rain and storms through the entire show. Through load in and load out, not a single drop hit. It was...
  13. aparker2005

    Pork Pie Rosewood (1 of 1)

    Hey guys! Letting this beauty go as I'm finding myself not playing it as much as my other 2 Rosewoods and need to put this one in a good home. This one is a custom (1 of 1) 14x6.5 6 ply Santos Rosewood shell with I believe 7 ply maple rings. 8 beavertail lugs. Absolutely beautiful drum. Other...
  14. aparker2005

    Small acoustic kit ideas?

    Hey guys. We've likely got a gig coming up for a quick 20 min opening set for someone. The main guy is doing an acoustic tour, so we'll be stripping our sound down quite a bit to match the mood. I was thinking of maybe using a cajon with a soft beater on my kick pedal? Don't want to spend the...
  15. aparker2005

    2 big shows in Arkansas!

    Hey guys! For anyone close, my band Crutchfield will be opening for Crowder on June 5th, and Tauren Wells on July 31st at Magic Springs Theme Park in Hot Springs, AR. Will be a fun day at the park and fun shows! Come on out and say hi if you can!
  16. aparker2005

    SOLD: Pork Pie Santos Rosewood

    Hey guys, this one is back up for sale. Incredible sounding snare, and really one I hate letting go of. 8 tube lugs, Remo heads, and puresound 30 strand wires. A little bit of wear on the hoops. 6 ply Full Rosewood shell. Not a veneer. The only other "issue", is the inside of the shell when...
  17. aparker2005

    My perfect 15" hats!

    Finally after lots of sets and trials, I have settled on my favorite pair of 15s I've had. They fit absolutely perfect in my larger cymbal setup. Great, deep chick, tons of wash. 15" K Sweet over 15" A Avedis!
  18. aparker2005

    Knock off trick shaft

    Hey guys. Everyone recommends the trick drive shaft upgrade for DW 9k pedals. I never thought much of the shaft until I got my MCD pedals and tried that link on my 9ks. There is absolutely a big difference. Wondering if anyone has tried this knock off from China? Looks pretty good, but as...
  19. aparker2005

    First gig since June 2020 this weekend!

    Hey guys! It's been since June 13th, 2020 since my band has a show. It was a big one, even with Covid restrictions in place. It almost worked out for me though with my wife and I having our first child, but man I miss being with the guys. I still get to play every week at church, but nothing...
  20. aparker2005

    My bands new albums!

    Hey guys! I just realized I don't think I posted the link to our new albumS we released last year. We (Crutchfield) are a mix of CCM, country, pop/rock, from Malvern, AR. This one was so fun to record, and much different than our first record. Ended up being a double album that merged as one...