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  1. Fat Drummer

    Looking for Dunnett or G. Way hoops for 14" 8 hole snare

    Need the set, both batter and snare side. Have a good set of Aluminum die cast hoops (14" 10 lug) I can offer for trade bait as well!! UPDATE... JazzDrumGuy made me realize I was not very specific as Dunnett / Way offer several types of hoops... yep, looking for the tipple flange version with...
  2. Fat Drummer

    Set of 6X8" and 8X8" Concert Toms with solid Stand

    As you may know from my current Summit Mahogany snare sale I am in the funds raising stage of a new purchase (actually already made it) and this is the next offering. A cool set of Liberty concert toms and stand. The sizes are 6X8 and 8X8 as I am putting them with a 10 and 12" rack tom to...
  3. Fat Drummer

    SOLD *** Beautful 6X14" Summit Mahogany Single Ply Snare, serial #91

    SOLD! Thanks all for the look! Hey folks, let me first say while this is a rather surprise sale (at least for me) it is not the last Summit snare drum I will own! Gary builds amazing instruments and this beauty is no exception. This drum was just built in April of this year and I made no plans...
  4. Fat Drummer

    Really Nice Bookends! The Tama STAR Reserve Hammered Copper and Aluminum Snares

    Hey folks, Ive not posted a new thread in a while and wanted to catch up with a quick shout out to TAMA for their stellar Metal Reserve STAR series drums. But first, I want to explain what brought me to such sweet drums. Like many others, I enjoy buying, selling and trading drums and snares...
  5. Fat Drummer

    SOLD *** Stuff for sale.... Pedal, Sticks, Snare Bag and Snare Stand

    Marked as sold so the software will grab it and move the thread. Decided to hold on to the stuff, I came up with a dozen things I could use everything for once I posted the sale. I will throw the sticks on reverb. Hey folks, just some miscellaneous items for sale. I will post a few pics of...
  6. Fat Drummer

    A TOTO rocker with my 80's project... Boombox Revival! This is hard on an old man!

    So here the deal.... it's the last song of a two hour set on the 4th of July in the deep south and it's hotter than dammit! Were beat, baked and bedraggled and I could not imagine the last song would have having ANY live left in it! I found this cell phone vid posted on a friends site and...
  7. Fat Drummer

    *** SOLD *** TAMA 6X14" Starphonic Aluminum Snare in Drum Seeker Bag

    Here is the #PAL146 TAMA 6X14" Starphonic aluminum snare with a 1.2mm thick seamless shell and all the cool features of the Starphonic line. Made in Japan and it's in GREAT shape, I mean GREAT shape! I looked it over closely just now and not a scratch did I see, just a couple of odd little...
  8. Fat Drummer

    Looking for a single tom arm with a 1" (25mm) down tube

    I just installed a tom mount to my INDe 22" Kick and went with the Tama double holder.... love it! I'm now looking for a single tom holder with a one 1" downtube (25mm) to give me a nice, clean option for when I want to run a single rack. Thought I would see if anyone had anything in good shape...
  9. Fat Drummer

    *** SOLD *** 2020 Tama 7X14" Copper Starphonic with Free Shipping and Drum Seeker Bag

    Thanks for all the interest folks, that was fun to see so many notes. This drum is now sold. 2020 Tama 7” X 14” Starphonic Copper #PCP147 Not much to add, this is a nice sounding 1.2mm spun copper Starphonic made in Japan. I will post current pics over the weekend but it's in excellent...
  10. Fat Drummer

    A few tunes from my Jam Band....

    Someone sent this cell phone footage of my jam band (Jimmy Dormire and the Peace Merchants) to the artist and he posted on his page. I don't put much of my playing up as it's not that interesting but something about this band is just so much fun. I am an R&B / Pop player and make no apologies...
  11. Fat Drummer

    8" & 10" concert toms... I will refinish so just about anything in good shape.

    Oh, with a natural interior, not looking for a painted interior. Thanks, Ward
  12. Fat Drummer

    I have also reached the SUMMIT!!! My new Summit Single Ply Mahogany snare!!

    What do the following names have in common... Jenkins-Martin, Oriollo & INDe? They are all small boutique drum companies that found a tremendous base of support on DFO. I am doing my part to add another name to that list... SUMMIT DRUMS! I have joined Lossforgain and Mcjnic (and others I am...
  13. Fat Drummer

    Shout out to another member.. this time it's CSR

    Hey gang, I'm sure he would rather I not mention this or make a big deal out of it... but to me it IS a big deal! Reading the post regarding hazelshould made me want to shout out to CSR as well. I had recently posted about the issues I was having finding 2 of my 3 principle stick choices (in...
  14. Fat Drummer

    MY FIRST DRUM VIDEO! Live session "drum cam" featuring INDe drums, Bosphours Cymbals & Tama STAR Hammered Copper snare

    Hey Gang, file this under “something completely different” from what you usually see me post here on DFO. I picked up a Zoom Q2N 4K about a year ago to do some “pandemic” remote projects with but I have not really played around with it myself until recently. Last week, my guitar driven jam band...
  15. Fat Drummer

    SOLD ***Bosphorus 22" Master Vintage Ride... 2000 grams of smooth, hand hammered goodness! Free Shipping

    SOLD OK gang, here is my second Bosphorus ride currently for sale... it's a lovely 2000 gram (my scales say 1993) Bosphorus 22" Master Vintage Ride. This is a VERY musical cymbal but it's not loud so don't reach for this one to cover your Van Halen tribute gig! It is a warm, dark and complex...
  16. Fat Drummer

    Does any custom stick companies offer nylon tips? Thinking of copying a few Regal Tip models

    So the Calato Regal Tip saga has finally caught up to me... I have played their sticks for over 40 years now and my stock pile is quickly diminishing. I have been playing the Combo and Jazz models for years in the nylon tips (along with the Jake Hanna at times as well) and I have yet to find a...
  17. Fat Drummer

    SOLD*** Bosphorus 22" Traditional Medium Thin Ride - $250 free S/H, Video

    Different video (one of my now infamous cell phone vids) and a lower price just for DFO sales. Thanks for all the looks. Hey gang, bought this ride a few weeks ago and he's just not getting along with his brothers. Everything else in the rig is a darker, dryer option and I went too far the...
  18. Fat Drummer

    Always looking for THIN Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Cymbals

    The title says it all, I'm always on the lookout for THIN Istanbul Mehmet Nostalgia Cymbals. Let me know what you have if you decided to let any go! Thanks, Ward
  19. Fat Drummer

    For my 3,000 post on DFO... I will share the pics of the Charlie Watts base drum I refinished!

    So I always look at thousand post marks on DFO as milestones and I try to post something interesting to celebrate. I found this thread maybe 6 months ago and almost bumped it to the top as it talks about me refinishing a drum for Charlie Watts and a couple of people posted asked if I was still...
  20. Fat Drummer

    Regal Tip Jazz and Combo Sticks with Nylon tips!

    Hey folks, the title says it all.... looking for sticks that no longer exist! I tried reaching out to Regal Tip but no reply.... please keep your eyes open if you run across any. Thanks!