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  1. TrickRoll

    Jon Christensen

    So many wonderful recordings on ECM were propelled by Jon’s drumming. Admired his use of dynamics to create great drama.
  2. TrickRoll

    From The Practice Room: Base Five Rudiments

    Some variations of the rudiments applied to quintuplets and/or five note groupings:
  3. TrickRoll

    Six Stroke Roll Application

    This is an application of the Six Stroke Roll in a swing feel. The bass drum and hi-hat can maintain the basic pulse, or be used to accent various points of the figure. Variations can include beat displacement and orchestration of the figure using the toms.
  4. TrickRoll

    Paradiddle Application

    From the practice room this week: Basic three over four application of the Paradiddle. What to do with the hi-hat in bar 2? Keep it on 2 & 4, or use the 'let' of 1, 3, and 'trip' of 4 (the "2,4,and 6" of a six over 4 feel). Or whatever works in the moment. Once comfortable with the...
  5. TrickRoll

    Sunny Murray RIP