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  1. Drum Gear Review

    Renting my AHM kit to H.E.R. Drummer for an upcoming concert. Nevermind!

    Are you going to the show? HER's live performances are really enjoyable. Heavy pocket modern soul/r&b stuff. I'd love to hear that drummer bring my kit to life.
  2. Drum Gear Review

    Heads and Muffling for a 20" Bass Drum?

    What's your 20" bass drum set up? I'm interested in your desired sound and how you achieve it with heads, tuning, and what, if anything, you're putting inside. If you have a recording of it, even better. Looking for ideas to try out with my Sakae Trilogy kit, and open to everything here. Kit...
  3. Drum Gear Review

    Home Recording Feedback

    Makes complete sense, but I should have laid this all out first. I'm often recording for people who do not have an engineer. Sometimes it's a guitarist friend who is just putting down a few songs so they have something to share or distribute. So, I'll send completely raw stems in case they're...
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    Home Recording Feedback

    One of the greats! Thank you so much, Trey!
  5. Drum Gear Review

    Home Recording Feedback

    Extemely helpful. Thanks so much, Cauldronics. I have been using a room mic for most of these recordings, but I haven't been super pleased with the results. Great suggestion to go back and dial that in. Big fan of Albini's as well. I love Shellac. I've watched one or two of those videos, but...
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    Home Recording Feedback

    I’ve been asked to do a lot of tracking at home for friends recently, but I’ve been struggling for years to get a home recording sound I’m comfortable with. I’ll usually get what I feel is a decent raw sound, and then get pretty overwhelmed with tweaks and fixing things to the point of totally...
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    OT What books you reading??

    I like McCarthy. His books aren't any of my favorites, but there is something about them that really swallows you up. When I read The Road, I would sit out on my front porch in the winter months to better feel the cold of the story. Right now, I'm re-reading Dune for the fourth or fifth time...
  8. Drum Gear Review

    Snare - Moon Gel, Gaffers tape, drum clip, wallet - What do you use?

    I used gel for years until recently. I did a "tone modifier" roundup for Drum! Magazine a while back and ended up really liking the Snarweight M80. I have the M1 also, but had the same issue mentioned above with it bending away from the head. The M80 works really well though. Still lots of...
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    Garage Sale Find - What do I have here?

    Few more photos of the toms here: 12" interior 12" lug closeup 13" interior 13" lug
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    Garage Sale Find - What do I have here?

    Sonor drum Interior
  11. Drum Gear Review

    Garage Sale Find - What do I have here?

    Found this mixed shell set at a garage sale this morning. Paid $20 for all of it because the floor tom looks Ludwig. No clue about the rest. The bass drum appears to be a Revere. Theres a nearly shredded foil badge on it. The lugs on the toms are different, but the smaller tom has slingland...
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    Show Us Your KITS!

    I've got two others for specific situations but this one gets almost all of my time now. I never get sick of it.
  13. Drum Gear Review

    Mod Orange love

    Such a great finish. When I was getting ready to buy my Sakae kit, I was debating between mod orange and pink oyster pearl, which I eventually settled on. The mod orange just didn't look right with Sakae lugs. That finish needs those Ludwig lugs. It just fits. Beautiful kit you've got there!
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    Anyone seen the new copper Acro’s?

    I've got some stuff I know how to do
  15. Drum Gear Review

    Anyone seen the new copper Acro’s?

    I saw that in the descriptions as well but when I reached out to Ludwig, I was told they were the same shell. Maybe that was an overly reductive answer from their team though. Curious.
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    22" Kerope Medium

    Given the weight and style, that seems maybe a bit more of a lateral move than I was looking for. I appreciate the offer!
  17. Drum Gear Review

    22" Kerope Medium

    Great ride that needs a good home. 2552g. Not totally convinced I'm ready to trade, I'm testing the waters. Most interested in Cymbal & Gong stuff, overhead microphones, and Agops, but open to suggestions.
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    What is your favourite kit you own now .

    Damm things keep getting better
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    Carter McLean is now an Evans Artist

    And then there are drum message boards where people go to kill time talking about stuff the find interesting. The inevitable "why do you care?" responses on these threads are absolutely exhausting. Of all the useless nonsense we discuss on this board, I have no idea why these threads are always...