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  1. red66charger

    SOLD: Zickos 22/14/14/18

    SOLD _____________________ I have an early Zickos 22/14/14/18 kit I'd like to find a new caretaker for. The kit comes as original with Camco mounts on the 14" tom toms and a Camco double tom holder on the bass. Floor tom has Camco leg brackets but modern Gibraltar legs. Bass drum has factory...
  2. red66charger

    Psych Red Project - Seam Lift Repair

    Trust me when I say this is way outside of my wheelhouse. I'm working on a 1970s Ludwig Psychedelic Red project and every drum has some degree of seam lift. I want to repair these. I sure wish I could take these somewhere and have them repaired but I've decided to try and do this myself. I hope...
  3. red66charger

    Ludwig Questions (tension rods/washers)

    Hard to believe that in my...ahem...advance age I only recently acquired my second Ludwig drum set, and my first wood-shelled set (I had a Stainless Steel kit from 1979 - 1992). I'm on a fact-finding mission as I am way more familiar with other brands. The kit is a Big Beat configuration with...
  4. red66charger

    FOUND: 4x Ludwig 70s Era T-rods and Claws for Bass Drum

    Found. Looking for 4 T-rods and claws for a 70s era Ludwig bass drum. Thanks!
  5. red66charger

    Need Opinions - Ludwig Oyster Black Pearl

    Am I too picky? As I've gotten older and seen nice drums come and go, I think I'm at a point were I might be too picky. As with many here in my age bracket, I'm drawn to Oyster Black Ludwigs. I've never owned any and have only seen a couple in person. I looked at a kit earlier today not too far...
  6. red66charger

    Round Badge on My Local Craigslist (no longer "interesting")

    I thought I'd share this here because it is unusual (to me, at least). I'm not a Gretsch Guy so I have no idea what this is, other than the seller's description. Unfortunately there is only one low res photo. The seller claims it is a 50s 3-ply kit...with a 22" 9-lug single tension bass drum...
  7. red66charger

    Is there hope for this head?

    I searched the forum for information on this before creating a new thread. I am interested in knowing if there is a way to clean an old coated drum head. Most of the comments on this subject are "why not just buy a new head?". Well, because I want to use factory branded heads on the resonant...
  8. red66charger

    DW Satin Nickel Double-Sided Lugs 6x

    Lot of 6 used Drum Workshop double-sided lugs. The lugs are used and in very good condition. Satin Nickel finish. Lug inserts are for standard 10-24 tension rods (NOT DW TRUE PITCH). Lug inserts held in place by springs. No mounting hardware included. $45 shipped to CONUS
  9. red66charger

    COS 14" Single Flange Hoops for Snare

    condition: new Pair of 14" chrome over steel single flange hoops for snare drum. One hoop has two gate openings for snare wires. These hoops have never been used. Hoops have no holes for tension rods, you will need hoop clips/hooks for these hoops. Brand new condition. Sorry, I don't know the...
  10. red66charger

    18" Camco L.A. for 12" Camco L.A.

    I have an 18" Camco L.A. floor tom I'd be willing to swap for a 12" Camco L.A. tom tom. My 18" needs refinished but has no extra holes.
  11. red66charger

    Vintage Ludwig Black Face P-85 Strainer

    Not a Ludwig expert, but I believe this to be a 70s or 80s Ludwig Black Face P-85 strainer. It is in very good condition. The black face has some discoloration or delamination around the edges but it is not loose. I have no idea if the mounting fasteners are original. $30 shipped to CONUS.
  12. red66charger

    Vintage Ludwig Gullwing Spur (1x) - Nickel(?)

    I have what looks to be a loner Ludwig gullwing spur in nickel finish. It certainly doesn't look chrome. I'm not a Ludwig expert but I think this spur is for the bass drum left side from seated position. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong. $22 shipped to CONUS.
  13. red66charger

    WTB: Camco L.A. 12" Stradivarius Tom Tom

    Well, since I located one impossible drum I might as well try my luck at another. Looking for an L.A. era Camco 8x12 tom tom in factory Stradivarius finish. Thanks
  14. red66charger

    Rogers 20" Floor Tom Legs (for 14"" Floor Tom)

    So I'm really disappointed and angry that I just paid a crap ton of money for a Rogers 14" floor tom only find that the seller sold it with the short legs for 16" floor toms (even after I asked several times if it had the correct length legs!!!). So I'm now looking for a set of 20" hex floor...
  15. red66charger

    SOLD: INDe SB1 Strainer and Butt

    These are both sold. I bought a couple of these INDe SB1 Strainer and Butt kits for some projects and no longer need them. I have two available. One is brand new in the original packaging and the other one was only taken out of the plastic wrap but never used. They are both chrome and come...
  16. red66charger

    OT: Analog 2" 32 Track Tape

    I know this is a LOOONG shot...but I have a friend who's been searching for a service to have some 2" analog 32-track audio tape digitized for Pro Tools mixing. I know some of you cats get around and thought there may actually be such a place that could do this. He'd be grateful for any leads...
  17. red66charger

    Camco - Alice de Buhr

    If the rest of you are like me, you don't check out the 'General' section DFO often (if at all). My interest is vintage drums so I only pop in "there" once in a while. That said, there is an interesting thread in the General section about Alice de Buhr and her band Fanny. Fanny were an all...
  18. red66charger

    SOLD: Camco Chanute 4-Piece Drum Set - Player

    Sold Camco Chanute player's kit in worn out Walnut finish. As is, this is a great kit for gigging or hauling around for rehearsals. I used this kit in an Americana-Southern Rock band and it had the perfect mojo for that project. 6-ply maple Jasper shell sizes are: 14x22 (virgin) 9x13 10x14...
  19. red66charger

    SOLD: Jenkins-Martin 6.5x14 8-Lug Snare - Bleen Blue

    Jenkins-Martin fiberglass 6.5x14 snare drum. Lightly used in like new condition. The drum features 16 Jenkins-Martin lugs (8 per side) and Dunnett R4 throw off. The color/finish is grain textured, satin Bleen Blue. Plenty of life left in the heads. Comes with a Jenkins-Martin soft bag. As I'm...
  20. red66charger

    FOUND: Slingerland Streamline Lug for Snare

    Found, no longer looking.