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  1. aparker2005

    Pork Pie Rosewood (1 of 1)

    525 shipped! Beautiful, beautiful snare!
  2. aparker2005

    Fans of the crash of doom

    I made its own thread, but this new Masterwork is everything the Zildjian raw should have been. And crash of doom on steroids is right. Phenomenal cymbal!
  3. aparker2005

    Masterwork 22" Blank

    Just got this beast in from a recommendation on this forum. What an absolutely crazy amazing cymbal. I'm a loyal Zildjian guy, but these things just sounded too good. This is what the Zildjian Raw crash should have been. Thin, nasty, trashy, ugly, bent, but with smooth edges! Pick up one from...
  4. aparker2005

    '21 Carter Beauford kit updates

    Dmb posted this from their social medias! And our church got a makeover the last few weeks, and my new riser/carpet is amazing!
  5. aparker2005

    Who makes the best drum racks?

    Yamaha hex rack ftw!
  6. aparker2005

    Fans of the crash of doom

    Here's the YT he did that made me want to try it
  7. aparker2005

    Fans of the crash of doom

    Thanks for this thread! I just picked up the latest 22" Masterworks Blank Hazelshould had up. It seems like everything I want in one of these kind of cymbals. The Zildjian dooms are still a little heavy, even though I LOVE my 20" COD. Can't wait to try this Masterworks out!
  8. aparker2005

    SOLD 20" Zildjian K Brilliant Heavy Ride

    These brilliant Ks are amazing! I recorded our first album with a brilliant 20" K heavy just like this. Incredible ride. Someone pick this up!
  9. aparker2005

    More cymbals or more snares?

    I've currently got 12 snares and roughly 30 or so cymbals. I had a problem of going through snares every other week or so a year or 2 ago. I was buying them just to have them at one point almost. Currently, my 12 do more than I'd ever need. I came to the conclusion that even with their...
  10. aparker2005

    For those who are gigging/touring

    We played at Magic springs in June with a full crowd. Mostly stayed away from people, but we all went up to the merch booth. Other shows here in AR we've played have been the same. A little cautious but nothing major. We're starting to have gigs cancel due to covid concerns again however...
  11. aparker2005

    Would you buy used from Guitar Center?

    Always buy used from gc. You have 45 days to return it for any reason
  12. aparker2005

    Pork Pie Rosewood (1 of 1)

    Still available with offers accepted!
  13. aparker2005

    '21 Carter Beauford kit updates

    He switched to the 20 in 2006. Henry his tech wanted a tighter sound, and Carter wanted his toms lowered. Thanks for watching!
  14. aparker2005

    '21 Carter Beauford kit updates

    For anyone who keeps up and is a Carter fan, here's my replica update with his changes for this year!
  15. aparker2005

    Let’s see your Band’s bass drum logo head

    Current, and then old!
  16. aparker2005

    New Ludwig Polarphonic Brass

    The Sweetwater I believe has the blood red one now. There was also an 8 lug blood red
  17. aparker2005

    New Ludwig Polarphonic Brass

    See I've always liked Ludwigs tube length. Short sure, but kinda sets them apart in a cool way imo
  18. aparker2005

    New Ludwig Polarphonic Brass

    Very tempted to swap my regular black beauty out for one of these just for the beautiful looks..... But the black beauty is gorgeous too lol
  19. aparker2005

    New Ludwig Polarphonic Brass

    Seems Ludwig is doing a lot of new color options on seamless brass lately. I'm loving the looks of this one!
  20. aparker2005

    OT What series to watch ???

    And for the soft side of me, This Is Us has been a wonderful show for the wife and I.