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    Heads and Muffling for a 20" Bass Drum?

    What's your 20" bass drum set up? I'm interested in your desired sound and how you achieve it with heads, tuning, and what, if anything, you're putting inside. If you have a recording of it, even better. Looking for ideas to try out with my Sakae Trilogy kit, and open to everything here. Kit...
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    Home Recording Feedback

    I’ve been asked to do a lot of tracking at home for friends recently, but I’ve been struggling for years to get a home recording sound I’m comfortable with. I’ll usually get what I feel is a decent raw sound, and then get pretty overwhelmed with tweaks and fixing things to the point of totally...
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    Garage Sale Find - What do I have here?

    Found this mixed shell set at a garage sale this morning. Paid $20 for all of it because the floor tom looks Ludwig. No clue about the rest. The bass drum appears to be a Revere. Theres a nearly shredded foil badge on it. The lugs on the toms are different, but the smaller tom has slingland...
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    22" Kerope Medium

    Great ride that needs a good home. 2552g. Not totally convinced I'm ready to trade, I'm testing the waters. Most interested in Cymbal & Gong stuff, overhead microphones, and Agops, but open to suggestions.
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    INDe Rail Consolette - Very Pleased!

    I've been flying the rack tom for this kit off a cymbal stand since I got it, and I've never been super pleased. I don't love the Sakae tom mount, or where mounting it on the stand makes me position my left side cymbal. I'm a big fan of Josh's work, so I thought I'd the INDe Ultralight System...
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    Rushing Bass Drum

    Been working on some home recordings for a band I play with. Really trying to dial things in, and I've noticed that I'm pretty consistently rushing, but I'm really rushing with the bass drum. Pulled some very raw samples against the click below. So I've got two questions. First, how...
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    Quarantine Madness - Short, Percussion-Only Compositions

    Been going a little batty without playing music, so I've put a lot of energy into home recording. It's not going great, but I think things are getting better slowly. A friend asked me to do the "siri challenge" which entails creating some kind of composition around a lengthy answer from the...
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    SOLD: Sakae Trilogy 14" x 6.5" Pink Oyster Pearl Snare Drum

    SOLD Beautiful Sakae Trilogy 14" x 6.5" snare in the rare pink oyster pearl finish. I love this drum and I'm sure I'll regret selling it, but I have a couple of vintage Ludwig drums with sentimental value that sound very similar. Someone should be playing this drum. I'm the second owner. Great...
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    Long Shot: 14x6.5" Raw Brass Phonic for Any 14x6.5" Seamless Copper

    Interested in a swap for the same size drum. Raw Brass is in good condition. Wonderful drum, I just don't need this much power. More photos available if interested. Raw phone audio: Lightly processed audio with some muffling: Main backseat section here as well. Fair amount of...
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    OT: Last Dance - Is Jordan Your Number 1?

    Watching and very much enjoying the Last Dance doc on ESPN. Curious about this group's thoughts on Jordan as most of the basketball discussions I have are with friends in my age group or with goons on Twitter. Is Jordan your number 1? What other names are in the conversation for you? Russell...
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    Vintage vs. Modern Video Comparisons

    I really enjoy watching comps like these. It's not for research or anything. Purely entertainment. I'm not even worried about matching shell types, just new and old in same or similar sizes. Anyone have additional recommendations? And my favorite:
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    Every drum I own sounds incredible right now

    And yet here we are, stuck at home.
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    SOLD - 14" x 8" Ludwig Copperhponic with Canopus 3-Position Tone Controller

    SOLD 14" x 8" Raw Copperphonic in great condition. Very mild signs of wear - a couple of light marks on the lugs which I tried to photograph, some contact marks where the fleshhoops meet the shell near the edge, and a previous owner's name written in silver sharpie on the inside of the shell...
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    Evans UV2 Heads

    Got a set of these a while back and finally put them on my Trilogy kit last week. Really surprised! I didn't care for the UV1s much at all, but these have a really nice balance of controlled punch on tone. I had been playing Aquarian Texture Coateds on everything, which I really love. They're on...
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    Avocado Standards on NYE Rockin Eve?

    Couldn't get a screencap of it, but it looks like Sheryl Crow's drummer is playing Avocado Strata Standards on the NYE broadcast on ABC. Pretty cool if so. Anyone else catch it?
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    Giving Away a Bunch of Gear for Charity - Double Pedal, Beaters, Cymbal Stack, More

    Hi All, I'm giving away a bunch of toys and goodies in hope of raising some money for charity. To enter just donate at least $5 to CHS NC and send me a screencap of the receipt via PM here. Donation link: Children's Home Society provides training and...
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    Rediscovered My INDe Aluminum

    I've done most of my recent gigging and recording with either a Ludwig Raw Brass Phonic or a Carolina birdseye stave drum, but last week I threw a coated Ambassador on my 5" INDe aluminum and completely fell in love with it again. What an incredible snare. Lively and fat. Total killer. It's got...
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    SOLD - 14" Agop Signature Hats - Video Added

    Beautiful hats. Papery, ticky, and a little trashy. I really like these, but they're just not getting any playing time. I don't have gram weights for these, but they're very thin. SOLD
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    *TRADED* 14" x 5" Ludwig Raw Copper Phonic

    Purchased about three weeks ago. Used on one gig with a different head. Mint condition. Basically a new drum. Replaced stock wires with Puresound Customs, but I have the original wires and strap available. I'll ship with either. Your call. Gorgeous drum that I would love to keep around, but I...
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    My final gear reviews for Drum! Magazine - Tone Modifier Roundup

    With the publication change, I want to make sure these companies get as much exposure as possible for the product they sent over. I'll continue adding to this thread as the rest of the stuff rolls out. There's still a lot of material coming from myself and the other writers. Doc Sweeney Elm...