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  1. JimV

    Ghost Pedal

    HI All - I have a Ghost pedal for's a link to the auction: I have some other auctions active at the moment.....Ludwig double tom mount post, Ludwig curved bass drum spurs, various Ludwig lugs, and some...
  2. JimV

    Are these original Camco bass drum legs?

    Hi All - I recently bought a Camco Oaklawn kit. It's a player's kit....I'm wondering if any of the Camco experts can tell me if these are original Camco bass drum spurs / brackets? Thanks - Jim
  3. JimV

    Camco experts ..... is this a Camco floor tom bracket ?

    Thanks very much all ! This is my first Camco's a player's kit and I'll probably have a couple more questions in the next few days...
  4. JimV

    Camco experts ..... is this a Camco floor tom bracket ?

    Hi All - Here's a bracket that was on a Camco Oaklawn kit I recently purchased.....Is this a bracket that would come with the kit from the factory? I know a lot of Camco kits have other brand's hardware, so I'm wondering if this is what you got if you asked for Camco brackets....
  5. JimV

    Sold! Earthworks Kickpad Kp1

    Sold! Thanks all...
  6. JimV

    Sold! Earthworks Kickpad Kp1

    Hi all - I have a Earthworks Kickpad Kp1 for sale. Neat tool! Original packaging. $70 shipped in the USA. Thanks! - Jim
  7. JimV

    Don Peretz

    Are any of you familiar with Don Peretz? I’m hearing him for the first time right now at the Iowa City Jazz Fest...great player!
  8. JimV

    Billy Gibbons' New Band (and album)

    Killer! Here’s a neat video of a show from a few years back with Mike Flanigin as the band leader on B3 with George Rains on drums. They fill out the band with some local guitar players.
  9. JimV

    Buyers/Sellers Feedback thread for member references (consolidated)

    I recently sold a item to JazzDrumGuy. Easy transaction, fast payment, great all the way around!
  10. JimV

    Cover bands, "tribute" bands and royalties

    I really appreciate this thread. I’m always trying to learn more about publishing .... thanks to all who contributed !
  11. JimV

    Speedy Stitcher

    I think I first heard about this tool on this forum. Very useful for repairing drum bags. I’ve repaired five bags with this. Here’s a picture from a keyboard bag repair in progress. I thought I’d post in case it would be helpful to any who don’t know about’s a video that shows how it...
  12. JimV

    rediscovering NRBQ

    Good point! And everybody was one took it the wrong way.
  13. JimV

    rediscovering NRBQ

    Oh NRBQ is at the top of the list for me! I was in a band that opened for them once. When we showed up for load in they had already sound checked and gone to their hotel. Their crew guys were onstage so I asked where I should set up my drums. They kinda laughed and said “no, no’re...
  14. JimV

    Gretsch 12” Suspension Mount

    Hi All - I have a Gretsch suspension mount for sale. It fits a 12” five lug drum. The bracket that is attached to it is a PDP bracket. $35 shipped in the continental USA. PayPal accepted. Thanks! - Jim
  15. JimV

    Sold! Kelly Shu

    Sold! Hi All - I have a Kelly Shu for sale. It’s the composite model. I had mounted in a 20” Ludwig bass drum. Mic clip included. $30 shipped in the continental USA. PayPal accepted. Thanks! - Jim
  16. JimV

    Gibraltar tom mount with INDe mint. SOLD

    PM sent...
  17. JimV

    Looking for a 16x16 drum bag

    Hi All - I’m looking for a 16x16 drum bag. It doesn’t have to be high end, really anything will work. I have various hardware to trade - tom legs, Ludwig mounts, and many other parts. Just let me know what you’re looking for. Thanks! - JimV
  18. JimV

    Sold! Pearl single flange snare hoops and claws

    Sold! Thanks all!
  19. JimV

    Sold! Pearl single flange snare hoops and claws

    Price drop bump...
  20. JimV

    Sold! Slingerland lugs circa 1958

    Sold! Thanks all!