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  1. red66charger

    About to upgrade kick drum mic’s

    I'm glad to hear this. I recently picked up the Kelly Shu for the older Shure SM91. I plan on using it for live pop/classic rock gigs (first test is a couple weeks away). Currently have it mounted in a 3-ply Ludwig 22".
  2. red66charger

    OT What series to watch ???

    The movie did help wrap up some story lines. It wasn't perfect, but it was enjoyable for Deadwood fans. I get not having a traditional ending to a series leaves you wanting more, but the writing... particularly the 1800s dialect of the fantastic. Ian McShane as Al Swearengen is...
  3. red66charger

    OT What series to watch ???

    Two of my favorites are Deadwood and The Wire. Both are on HBO. Definitely not shows for the entire family. I suppose i should add Dexter (Showtime) since my wife's niece is one of the actors. It's pretty dark, though.
  4. red66charger

    SOLD: Zickos 22/14/14/18

    SOLD _____________________ I have an early Zickos 22/14/14/18 kit I'd like to find a new caretaker for. The kit comes as original with Camco mounts on the 14" tom toms and a Camco double tom holder on the bass. Floor tom has Camco leg brackets but modern Gibraltar legs. Bass drum has factory...
  5. red66charger

    Songs that give you a hard time

    Man, we might take some crap for this but I agree. I hate playing this song. Riding eighth notes on the bass drum at 150bpm isn't fun for a fat 57-year old. Not a fan of "Dancing with Myself" either. I think I'm retiring from playing tight eighth notes and going with sloppy quarters on certain...
  6. red66charger

    Eulogizing Drumming's Most Unwelcome Fad -- Hexagonal Pads

    So did I. I even have a recording of me using it with my high school Stage Band in 1982!
  7. red66charger

    Eulogizing Drumming's Most Unwelcome Fad -- Hexagonal Pads

    I don't know, man, it sure felt right at the time. Perhaps the most exciting period of my 35-year musical journey, but that may be for reasons other than just the music. I was a "new-waver" in the mid-80s. 1984 - 1987 SDS-V / SDS 7 combined. Still have the SDS-7 but it doesn't power on.
  8. red66charger

    “ Drums that you brought back to life “ thread

    These '48 - '50 Slingerland Radio Kings were extremely dirty and neglected when I acquired them. I wasn't too hopeful for the bass drum tension rods when I started cleaning them. I was pleasantly surprised at the results.
  9. red66charger

    Z dyno beats or other bright hi hat options

    I have not read all the comments in this thread, but have you considered Zildjian Quick Beats? My son was using a set of Quick Beats with his pop band and they cut pretty well at the gigs I saw him play.
  10. red66charger

    Did Ludwig's Psychedelic Red Wrap Ever Appear in Bowling Ball Finish?

    Oh man! Your Citrus Mods are awesome! No date stamps in my Psych Reds, unfortunately. That sure would clear up what year they were made (I'm guessing!). They are numbered in the 1068xxx range, which I've read different opinions on. I've accepted they could be from approximately 1973-1976, but...
  11. red66charger

    Did Ludwig's Psychedelic Red Wrap Ever Appear in Bowling Ball Finish?

    I realize this isn't a "show and tell" thread, but I couldn't help myself. I actually started cleaning these up a while ago and stalled out. The badge on the 16" is bent and I have been procrastinating removing it to re-form it (I really don't like removing original grommets). The bass drum...
  12. red66charger

    Pics of your sets on stage

    Early 60s Camco Oaklawn 20/12/14 w/ matching 701 Super. Early 70s Camco Chanute 22/13/14/16 w/ 1919 Ludwig 4X15 Concert Dance model heavy brass snare. Roland TD-20 Expanded
  13. red66charger

    admin of

    Is Vintage Drum Guide affiliated with Vintage Drum Forum (VDF)? If so, I believe Tommyp (username at Vintage Drum Forum) is the main moderator at VDF. Perhaps he also runs the Vintage Drum Guide site. I'd at least message Tommyp at VDF and ask.
  14. red66charger

    If you could only afford one quality section on your kit....

    Cymbals for sure. But if you're playing rock n roll, it doesn't matter how great your cymbals sound if your bass drum pedal doesn't work. Found that out the hard way when a $200 Sonor Perfect Balance pedal collapsed on me. It never went to another gig again.
  15. red66charger

    Looking to Buy a Camco....What Should I Expect?

    Alan, do you have any 12" L.A. loner shells or complete drums available? Stradivarius or project shell would be optimal.
  16. red66charger

    Psych Red Project - Seam Lift Repair

    Bass drum turned out pretty good. Now I have my work cut out for me with the hoops.
  17. red66charger

    The One that "Got Away" - The Regret Thread

    I sold them to an individual in St. Petersburg, Florida. It was either 1991 or 1992. I wish I could remember his name. I recall he came with his mother so I'm guessing he was in his late teens or early 20s. I've thought about these drums a lot over the years and imagined them getting dented and...
  18. red66charger

    The Camco makes an impression

    This is so awesome, Kurt! Can you share any additional information on the show? It's not obvious to me which one it is on the TFO website.
  19. red66charger

    The One that "Got Away" - The Regret Thread

    I do have two regrets. The most significant is selling my 1977 Ludwig Big Beat Stainless Steel kit with born together Supraphonic. I bought this kit (slightly used) with a little help from my dad in 1979. I was starting my freshman year in high school and was playing drums in my basement for...
  20. red66charger

    Psych Red Project - Seam Lift Repair

    Thanks for all your feedback, Mark and JDA.