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  1. multijd

    Drum History podcast about Stern Tanning rawhide heads Jeff Stern owns and operates Stern Tanning Co. which acquired the United Rawhide Company of Chicago in 2001 - the former largest manufacturer or drumheads in the world before mylar became king. United Rawhide was...
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    More on Charlie Watts from saxophonist Tim Ries
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    Vintage Drum Forum account suspended

    I just received the message pictured below. Did anyone else encounter this? It comes up when I Google it also.
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    K Constantinople hihat?

    Hello I can’t find much information (none?) on the forum about KCon hihat. Does anyone own a pair? I believe they have recently “updated” them. Any comparison available? How do they rate as far as thinness goes? As a side question, what are the thinnest modern Zildjian hihat being made today...
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    Turkish cymbal importer

    Has anyone ordered from this online importer of various Turkish cymbal brands? What did you order? What were your experiences? Thanks in advance.
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    Drum History Podcast about drumpads quotes DFO thread

    Remember that dfo thread where Bart van der Zee was asking for info about drum pads? Well it turned into a podcast about... you guessed it, drum pads. Posts from the thread are quoted and everyone who commented had their screen name read. DFO member Beth Hamon is an outstanding guest who offers...
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    Evans drumhead factory video

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    Gaddiments- new Steve Gadd rudiment book.

    I just received my copy of Gadd’s new book. I haven’t even played through any of it yet but it looks fun. One thing I really like from the initial look is that it is limited in scope. He sets out to show a particular way to use some of the rudiments and presents his idea without a lot of fat...
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    (Good) news about Regal Tip!!(?)

    On Friday I played a jazz gig at the local spot in Buffalo, Pausa Art House. We had a wonderful night, part of which was improved by Carol Calato, daughter no.1 and one of the presidents of the Regal Tip company. I showed her that I was still playing Regal Tio Jazz and the 583r brushes. Last...
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    Heads for round badge 22”

    I’m interested in successful head combinations for a wrapped (orig BDP) 14x22 Gretsch round badge bass drum to be used in a pop/rock/show context. I really need pro advice here on what will give me the “sound”. I usually don’t use this drum but I have gigs coming where it will be in service...
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    Use “New Posts” to keep up to date

    Amid recent discussions about videos in the “basement” and other topics I thought it might be helpful to suggest that a great way to know what has been added or commented upon on the forum since your last visit is to hit the “New Posts” link at the top of the forum. Its easy to find under...
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    James Black “Guardian of the Groove”

    This is a fantastic radio documentary that tells the story of the great New Orleans drummer/composer James Black.
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    Odd drumset on Jimmy Page 1957 video

    This may have been discussed before but check out this odd drumset from a 1957 tv show with Jimmy Page. Any idea of the make of these drums or any other info?
  14. multijd

    Info on this pearl snare please.

    I believe the shell is brass. Can you give me any info on this drum? When it was produced, possible value?
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    Solo drumset and percussion live stream now available on YouTube. (Orig. broadcast 3-30-21)
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    Drum History Podcast: The History of Bosphorus Cymbals.

    This one is for JDA as it affirms his love of 100% handmade (as opposed to “hand hammered”) cymbals.
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    Brian Blade! What!!? Is that cracked K, other cymbals and music...

    Great video of a live concert by this immense group. Blade is smacking that cracked K with the rivets. Looks like the far right cymbal is a K con. Its so inspiring to see how all of these musicians find their place in the music and complement each other so well. Improvisationally!!
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    New Steve Gadd doc?

    I just saw this. First time. Anyone know anymore!
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    Rail mount vs. stand. Which do you use and why?

    I recently inherited my dad’s 1960’s era 3ply Ludwig drums. He always used the rail mount and I understand why. I may decide to do the same (although the rail makes a great cowbell holder). He played traditional jazz and had an active band in the WNY. He wanted me to “take over” the band so I‘m...