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  1. storsav

    Cool/Nice/Interesting Drum Rooms/Studios?

    The bass frequencies are your biggest enemy, likely. Mid and highs can be attenuated and dealt with by using deflectors, batting, etc. Bass frequencies travel through the materials most used in light construction. The floors are usually a big culprit in this regard. Thin concrete footings in a...
  2. storsav

    studio floor & wall materials & applications.....

    I'll echo what dcrigger does it sound right now? Are you looking to record full bands in there? Just drums? Singers? Horns? Probably the most bang for your buck is to create some dense, movable sound screens that can be placed where you need them and in the corners as bass traps in...
  3. storsav

    Sonor Force... any good?

    Yes, I think for those sizes and what he'll have $650 is a pretty good price. Now, it might not sell off fo double that down the road, but what a great kit for the price as long as you know what you're getting. :)
  4. storsav

    Sonor Force... any good?

    I'll throw in on this. That is a good price for a set of drums in those sizes if you like what the limitations are: old hardware (made in Taiwan not the same German Phonic/Sig hardware), old finish (thin to begin with), shells are maple in/out with plies of mystery meat in between, non virgin...
  5. storsav

    Sonor Delite - Birdseye Amber - 7 Piece Kit

    Beautiful drums, as the saying goes: wish I loved closer! And wish I had the cash to spare. Good luck with them.
  6. storsav

    Wanted: Sonor Designer Series Tom-Arm

    You can modify any 600 series tom arm by using a Dremel to slightly enlarge the black plastic ball and fit one of these: Just in case.
  7. storsav

    I bought my friend's Joyful Noise and Radio King from his widow.

    Condolences and a touching story too. Nice drums. Best wishes to all.
  8. storsav

    For Sale Sonor Hilite Exclusive 8-piece drum set with Hardware and Extras $7500

    For Sale Sonor Hilite Exclusive 8-piece drum set with Hardware and Extras Full Photo Album here: Time to sell my super rare Sonor HE drums. Sizes (diameter x depth): 8x8, 10x9, 12x10, 13x11, 14x15, 16x17, 22x17, 14x7. Drums are finished in black lacquer with all...
  9. storsav

    Beech Drums

    Also, the more recent Ascent series is beech. I have owned many many beech Sonor kits. I think with beech traditional sized toms give tons of warmth and attack. Generally, beech isn't as loud as birch or maple, so some people in loud situations might like the power sizes of the Performer and...
  10. storsav

    Music Go Round; Saga of the 90 day local hold

    Nice score Frank!
  11. storsav

    Drum Recording Questions

    Depending on the drum sound you're looking for, I'd recommend trading out "overheads" for more of a room mic setup if possible. This will give you the air and natural reverb you'll likely want. Play with mic placement on those to get a natural sound you like or even a crazy effect (if one is...
  12. storsav

    Any Sonor Drummers here?

    Oh yeah, Sonor baby. The best. Here's me blissfully playing a nice old Black Phonic kit I once owned. 20x18 deep virgin bass drum! I can't believe I sold that drum...I've said that phrase too many times.
  13. storsav

    Sonor D505 Steel Snare questions

    I recently used the INDe strainer and butt on an old 5x14 Sonor snare with the same butt. I had to enlarge the holes ever so slightly on the butt holes (heehee). I used a high quality step bit to do it, but a file might have worked. I didn't want to risk the chrome flaking at the holes, so step...
  14. storsav

    My first sonor kit ever

    Congrats on the kit! I've owned A LOT of Sonor drums and I never fell in love with the birch tones. I found birch bass drums hard to get "my" tone out of. The Lites and 3000 toms always had lots of cut, but I could never get them to sound warm enough for me--BEECH! is my fave. That said Sonor...
  15. storsav

    ***SOLD*** Beato Pro 1 bags 14x18, 14x14, 8x12, 5x14 Like New $200 Also, 16x18 Pro 1 tom or bd bag $60

    I've got some great Beato Pro 1 bags for sale. The bop sizes set is 14x18 (might fit a 16 long, but not sure. I can always measure for you), 14x14, 8x12 (oversized for suspension mount) and 5x14. All are Like New. $200 plus shipping, would consider separating for the right prices. Also have...
  16. storsav

    Protection Racket 16 x 16 bass drum bag, will fit 18 x 18 floor tom too like new $100 shipped in U.S.

    For sale is a like new Protection Racket 16 x16 bass drum bag. See details here: The internal dimensions allow for an 18 x 18 floor tom easily. The outer height of the case is about 21 inches. I'm not totally confident an 18...
  17. storsav

    SOLD!! SONOR and Pearl cowbell holders

  18. storsav

    Swap my 16 x 22 Beato Pro 1 for your 14 x 22 Pro 1 VG/Exc

    I’ve got a 16x22 Beato Pro1 bag in VG/Ex condition. I need a Pro 1 that’s 14x22. Thanks.
  19. storsav

    SOLD Sonor Signature drum cymbal stands super rare $100 and up

    5-way adapters are sold. Stands and top sections remain.
  20. storsav

    SOLD Sonor Signature drum cymbal stands super rare $100 and up

    I've got some very hard to fins Sonor Signature stands and attachments. Details in the link below. Prices depend on what you're after exactly. Shipping cost tbd. Thanks.