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  1. Cactus Bob

    What Are You Listening To?

    The George Benson Quartet ~ It's Uptown Columbia, 1966/1976 "Where's jazz going? I don't know. Maybe it's going to hell. You can't make anything go anywhere. It just happens".
  2. Cactus Bob

    TV Theme Songs

    Too funny, sounds like something I would do also!
  3. Cactus Bob

    TV Theme Songs

    Really dug the George of the Jungle theme song, the timpani drums in the beginning are awesome. Loved watching that cartoon in '67.
  4. Cactus Bob

    TV Theme Songs

    The drums on Hawaii Five-O were killer!
  5. Cactus Bob

    Bird's Eye Views...

    Late 70's/early 80's Zildjian, Pastie and Sabian cymbals along with my Scandinavian Birch Sonor-Lite kit that I bought new in '83.
  6. Cactus Bob

    David Bowie Friday 5fer

    Master Bowie with his new axe-man!
  7. Cactus Bob

    Drummer autographs

    I went to a record signing with Bruford and Belew in '84. I added Fripp's autograph at Tower Records on Clark St. in Chicago a few years later. I hope to add Levin's someday . . . missed my chance one evening. Bill & Adrian were a lot of fun to meet! I saw them later that evening in concert at...
  8. Cactus Bob

    Favorite live album

    One of my favorites is Wishbone Ash, Live Dates. Saw them in concert many times in the early 70's and their shows were always great. Plus they always toured with with other excellent British bands . . . the backups I saw were Manfred Mann's Earth Band, The Climax Blues Band, Eric Burdon and my...
  9. Cactus Bob

    LP Score!

    What a killer score!
  10. Cactus Bob

    Favorite live album

  11. Cactus Bob

    Favorite live album

    Almost forgot "Hendrix in the West"
  12. Cactus Bob

    Favorite live album

    Love that one along with The Great Deceiver set . . . it has great sound quality also just like being there. I saw the '73-'74 Crimson 3 times some of my favorite concerts. When KC USA came out in '75 I was in heaven after seeing those shows!
  13. Cactus Bob

    Favorite live album

    The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Between Nothingness & Eternity