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  1. pwc1141

    Back to an all Bosphorus set-up

    After some experimenting with a variety of on-line purchases - Anatolian, Istanbul Agop and Meinl Byzance - I finally settled on a new Bosphorus Master Vintage 20" ride, with an existing 21" Turk flat ride, and a Ferit series 16" crash and Master series 15" hats. Was able to trade 2 cymbals for...
  2. pwc1141

    Where does drum gear rank in your possessions list by value ?

    I was assessing my marketable possessions and realized that apart from the house, my drum gear was high in my own list... 1: Car 2: Drum gear 3: iMac Computer 4: Personal jewelry (watches etc) 4: iPhone I guess some collectors would have drum gear ahead of anything else .....
  3. pwc1141

    Drummer Rankings ...

    I realize that none of the threads with the best this or that drummer rankings are all that serious but personally I hope that after I am gone, people don't compare me to other drummers and musicians just say "I liked playing with him because he could swing" or something like that. I am not in...
  4. pwc1141

    Merry Christmas to my Forum friends

  5. pwc1141

    Happy Birthday Paul !!

    We have never met other than through drum forums like this but somehow as "veterans" we have both been there and done that and I am envious of his big band skills. Have a good one Paul. .
  6. pwc1141

    Some venues are nicer than others ....

    This is a venue called jazzPit within a traditional Thai building restaurant and resort complex. Pic taken at the opening party ... .
  7. pwc1141

    How do you promote your band ?

    I do a series of promos for Facebook and local FB pages. What do you guys do ? . .
  8. pwc1141

    Elvin nailed it ......

  9. pwc1141

    Any Washboard players here ?

    I played washboard for a few tunes with a dixieland band years ago and more recently on some Bluegrass tunes with a country band. It's something that is fun within a rhythm section that likes the relevant genre ...and it makes a change from my more normal be-bop trios .....out of interest I am...
  10. pwc1141

    New Beatles song ?

  11. pwc1141

    For the bored drummer. Do something useful .....

    Not mine but I like it ..... :)
  12. pwc1141

    OT. How Aliens lost me a gig .....

    The current depressed scene allows restaurant gigs with solo/duo acts if provisions are made for spread seating and I had a gig booked for tomorrow. However the pianist is both a conspiracy nut and follower of any alien site and he posted a weird meme on Facebook that I responded to politely but...
  13. pwc1141

    Multinational common language ...

    I may have posted this before - can't recall - but was recently reminded how music brings folks together. This gig had, from left to right Algerian/French: Russian : English: Canadian : American : and Australian easily finding common ground in an unrehearsed jazz gig ... .
  14. pwc1141

    Is a 4 piece kit just being 'lazy" ?

    I saw a comment on a drummer's YouTube video which read "Just a 4 piece ? That's being lazy !!". Naturally being a 4-piece kit player and long favoring such kits, I disagree totally. Any comments ?
  15. pwc1141

    Anyone ever play it at this tempo ?

  16. pwc1141

    Season's Greetings checked by my lawyer :)

    I wanted to send some sort of holiday greeting to my Drum Forum friends, but it is so difficult in today's world to know exactly what to say without offending someone. So I consulted my lawyers yesterday, and on their advice I wish to say the following (with no apologies to the lawyers amongst...
  17. pwc1141

    Show us YOUR hat ..... :)

    I have been wearing a variety of hats following minor scalp surgery and here is the latest one from last night. I look a bit serious but playing with some fine jazz cats causes concentration :) .
  18. pwc1141

    Anyone here send the coupon ? :)

  19. pwc1141

    Gigs From Hell

    I am sure we all have them but my favorite is this .....a big city hotel had a very ambitious New Year's Eve event in their spacious and lofty lobby with a 6 tiered stage where a 16 piece band and multiple singers were to be the main event. I was booked to do a 90 minute warm up show in a jazz...
  20. pwc1141

    Ludwig T Shirt

    Was given this T shirt by a buddy recently ..... do you think it might be a fake ..... :) :)