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  1. Fabiodrum1

    Sheffield Songo

    Hi everyone. I accidentally listened to this song "Sheffied Songo" by Peter Fernandes from the Q.E.D disc where the great Joel Rosenblatt is on the drums. This song full of energy immediately struck me and I decided to study it and make a small video. Sheffield Songo Subscribe on my YouTube...
  2. Fabiodrum1

    Afro Green

    Hi everyone, staying at home because of this epidemic, I thought I'd take the opportunity to study some songs from AfroCuban Big Band (Play Along) among which Afro Green. Hope you like it Afro Green
  3. Fabiodrum1

    Golpe de Cumaco - AfroCuban Big Band Vol.2

    Hello everyone! Here is a part of the song "Golpe de Cumaco" from the method of John McCarthy - Afro Cuban Big Band Vol.2 Subscribe to my YouTube channel for more videos SUBSCRIBE
  4. Fabiodrum1

    AfroCuban Drums - PlayAlong

    242/5000 Hello everyone, I'm an Italian drummer. I recorded this video in my house with the means I had available. The song is taken from the drum method of JOHN MCCARTHY "AfroCuban BigBand" Rendezvous. Greetings to all and Groove On!